Monday, September 12, 2016

Mancat Monday

Looky! Our handmade toy from Ceylon's Wand-erland arrived today. Summer, internationally famous model and therapy cat extraordinare, featured these toys on her blog. So Mom got us one.

Don't you think this is a bit...well.. girly??

Leia of course thought this was completely pawsome and spent a good five minutes
putting it through its paces. While I watched.

So this means it's not really MANCAT Monday at all, doesn't it?!

** it's the nature of cat moms everywhere to purchase with great excitement something they are sure their cat will love. And wait eagerly for delivery, only to be reminded that it's in the nature of cats everywhere to politely sniff at the offering and walk away.


  1. Hey, 50% of your cats like them.. that's better than some things over here were zero cats do!

  2. That looks like an awesome toy! But girly? Naw.... needs more pouncing on, we think.

  3. That was sweet of your Mom to get. I hope you humor her and play with it a little at least.

  4. At least Leia likes it. Maybe you can play with it when no-one is watching.

  5. It's not girly if you can attack and kill it - which is the purpose of any toy, right?

  6. We think that would be fun to play matter if it looks girly. ~Wally & Ernie

  7. We are glad Leia enjoyed that wand so much. Toby, it looks pretty fun ... you should give it a go!

  8. MOLMOL mom cackled at the note from your Mom. It took me almost a month to decide if I like a toy one time. No way was I letting mom think she had done a good thing! Mom loves your lovely rug
    I hope your mom feels better
    Hugs madi your bfff

  9. LOL about kitties sniff offering and walk away. Yeah, the same thing has happened here many, many times :-) Glad Leia liked it. I hope Toby will decide to give it a try, too!

  10. No such thing as a 'boy' cat toy or a 'girl' one, Toby! But I sympathize with your momma; we really never know if something we buy or make is gonna be a hit, or it gets used once and never again!

  11. Oh, no, it's not girly--it looks fun! You should try it too, Toby. :-) I have gotten toys for mine, sure that they would LOVE them, and they just look and walk away. LOL

  12. Well, it DOES look a bit girly ... maybe you could rip it up or something. That could be fun!
    Is your mom feeling better? Thanks for asking about my hot spot. It is really looking GREAT! It just looks like a little shaved spot on my leg now. Mom is big-time relieved! Another day and a half and I'll be off the antibiotics. I hope that doesn't mean I won't stop getting a little "finger" of cream cheese twice a day.
    Margaret Thatcher