Saturday, November 5, 2016

Happy Caturday

Well, in theory, anyway. Today Toby had to go to the Stabby Pl----

Toby, tapping paw on Mom's arm

Let ME tell it this time, you always make me sound like a wussy fraidycat, Mom.

Mom Uhh... ok... go for it.

Thank you. takes a moment to groom some chest furs to ready himself. So here is what happened, without any Mom embellishments, ok? I swaggered into the waiting room at that awful place, NOT afraid to show it *I* was boss. I DEMANDED immediate access to the staff so they could get me done in record time. They COWERED before my orange might, truly.

It was a thing of beauty, you should have seen it. Anyways, they said my thyroid levels are now purrfect, and after a group discussion - yes, I certainly took part in my OWN medical care decisions - I'm on pill form Predisone instead of the Depo shot every five weeks. On account of steroids not so good for heart conditions, which was probably caused by the thyroid condition. And my weight has increased by a pound!

Ok, so it's true that I stuck my head under Mom's arm while we were waiting for the blood results, but ONLY because it was noisy in there. I wanted to protect my manly, yet delicate, ears.

And then we came home and I sauntered upstairs to have some quiet downtime UTB. But only because I was tired of all the fussing and this was the quietest environment. Now I'm rested up and planning on... planning on.. doing something darn manly, I tell you what.

How's that, Mom?

Mom Um.... I think SOMECAT has been texting with Binga, that's what I think!


We wanted to share about Hazel, a very tiny ladycat. She's only five pounds, but is about a year old. We met her in the waiting room; she had been found by a lady who already had four cats of her own, but lured her with food until she was able to get her safely inside her house and brought to the vet for testing and vaccinations. We are so grateful that one more kitteh is off the streets, due to the kindness of a hoomin. Bless you!


  1. Toby I 100% believe every single word you wrote. Very descriptive and well written and detailed!! Thank goodness sometimes the humans leave out major details such as "*I* was boss. I DEMANDED immediate access to the staff so they could get me done in record time. They COWERED before my orange might, truly.
    And I am sure, your Mom was resting her elbow on your head, that you did not stick you head under her arm!!
    Bravo my friend and hugs
    Madi your bfff

  2. Binga says Toby's story is totally TRUE! BTW, that is great that someone cared enough to rescue Hazel.

  3. I believe your version, Toby. Humans do exaggerate everything. I am glad your T4 is perfect now and you have put on weight. that was very kind of the lady to rescue little Hazel.

  4. Great report, Toby! I'm sure everyone at the shabby place know you are the boss :-)
    Glad you have purrfect thyroid level now and that you've gained weight! I hope you enjoy some quiet time after the big day!
    It's so wonderful of the lady to have rescued this precious kitty. xoxo

  5. Glad to hear you're doing well!
    Have a super weekend...

    Noodle and crew

  6. Toby, we are SURE that you were very mancatly and in control of the whole staff!


  7. Oh, yeah, Toby! Way to strut your confident orange-ness!! You totally took charge!
    We're so happy about your numbers and that you can move over to oral mess -- those come wrapped in cheese, right?
    You're the MAN-cat!!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  8. Toby, I can see you in all your manly splendor. I think I feel a bit fainty after reading all of your manly heroics there at the Stabby Place making them do your bidding and that right quickly. Oh, *fans self with tail plume* I think I need to sit down a moment. Whew. XXX

  9. You showed them, Toby! I went to the vet this past week too ... and I spent the half hour there LOUDLY complaining about the service. Hmph. And there were DOGS there! Clearly they have no taste! ~Bear Cat

  10. I just knew you were a manly mancat, Toby! Good for you for insisting that you get prompt care at the vet. And I am soooo glad that you have gained some weight and the thyroid numbers are looking good.

  11. I am happy to hear that you gained weight and your thyroid level is normal. Also nice to hear a happy story about a rescued kitty.

  12. Good job, Toby! We know it happened just as you said it did. Hooray about your numbers, and that weight you gained! Woohoo!

  13. Toby, did you bite anyone? Anyone? Even with that missing fang, you need to bite to show your dominance! Glad you are feeling better, and gaining weight!

  14. Oh, you GO, Toby! You are the BOSS of that place! Yippee and thank you to the lady who rescued that tiny lady cat!