Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Thoughtful Thursday

Peace reigns in the House of Whiskeratti.
aka the Flashy Beast strikes again.

Mom has a message she wants to share, and for once we are in whole-pawed agreement,
so we're turning it over to her now.

To all those who visit our blog, we give thanks. Right now, America is either in a state of shock or exhilarated. And we are very much afraid this is going to result in many fractured relationships of friends, families, co workers, neighbors. Shades of the Civil War, brother against brother.

I'm not a political person, or a deep thinker, or a great debater. I live, and learn, and act, with my heart, and my imagination, not my mind. I live in a small, internal, introverted world. My cats are my focus and my great joy. Thus, the cat blogosphere is of great importance to me. To that end, I urge - I plead for - calm, deep breaths, and maybe more deep breaths, before actions are taken. 

Very recently my region lived through Hurricane Matthew. And it was nasty. In less than 24 hours we got enough rain for four Octobers. The stories, the pictures... awful. An Army officer here took a kayak and a video camera and recorded the flooding downtown. It was up to the tops of street signs. Cars were completely submerged. It was utterly surreal.

In the days following I kept wishing it could all be back like it was before Matthew. But, eventually, most of it has passed. Not all. Some damage will take months to repair, some will never get fixed. Mostly now, though, it's calm. Daily life goes on. People helped each other, stranger for stranger.
As a group, we became stronger for the struggle and the challenges.

And so it will be again for our nation. And our communities. This, too, shall pass.


  1. Very well said.

    And you two kids are too sweet!

  2. Toby and Leia, thank you for letting Mom hijack your blog today. And Mom, that was wonderfully written. Thank you for your very wise words.

  3. Beautifully stated. I identify with you to a "T" ... introverted, joy from cats, acting from the heart ... there's too much ugliness in the world to add to it. And that's a beautiful picture of the Whiskeratti.

  4. It has been an emotional time. We all shall hug our kitties, then move forward.

  5. Toby and Leia...please tell your mom how very much we liked this message. Blogging is our happy place..where the only pawlitics is happy and fun and friendly. After all our peeps are 'speaking for US' not themselves and we pets are not prejudiced we love everyone.
    Hugs madi and mom your bfff

  6. Thank you to your mom for the encouraging and inspiring words! No hurricane can sweep away love, compassion, and goodness in people. xoxo

  7. Very wise words. Thank you for sharing them with all of us.

  8. Today we breath!
    Whatever the world throws at we breath.
    Tomorrow is just that, tomorrow.

    Noodle and crew

  9. TBT had to take a few days to himself, get angry, and calm down. He won't calm down entirely, but we are getting back to normal.

  10. I agree that no action taken in haste is a good idea.