Saturday, April 29, 2017

Happy Caturday - and Welcome to Our Roundtable Discussion

Happy Caturday to all!

We welcome you all to our discussion today. The topic:

Scritches - Two Handed or One?

Now, that seems obvious - two is always better, right? 
I mean, when your hoomin's other hand is always busy doing something else,
like her phone or petting that other kitteh who lives with you and should really be waiting her turn beccause everyone knows YOU are the special one here,
isn't that super annoying?

The attention should be all about ME - I mean, you.


Sometimes, I've noticed anyway, while the two handed thing is utter bliss,
it can get a bit... overwhelming. And then maybe you want to get just a lil bit bitey.

What do you think?

Comments are OPEN.

Snacks and niptinis to follow.


  1. I am guilty of using just one hand and typing on the computer with the other- so far, no biteys. I was going to tell your Mom to get Toby a stress collar though so he won't pick on poor Leia. I got one for Sammy and he is leaving Brody alone.

  2. Hmmm, with Nellie, it was ALL about the bites until she was about 12, then she realized the bliss of skritching.
    Sshe did NOT like 2 handed skritching though.
    Love Barb

  3. Definitely 2 hands. Then you know all the attention is on you...and not something else. :)

  4. One or two hands? How about five or six hands scritching me at once! No, my human doesn't have extra appendages, but this is what happens when I'm at a cat show or doing a college therapy visit. I like it, actually!

  5. I like two hands, too. Sometimes, she uses the other hand to give Cammie some massages, so I give her THE LOOK. When she goes back to 2 hands on me, Cammie gives her THE CLAW. Ha roo roo roo. Of course, in her current state of break & sprain, we try to be patient with her. Try.
    I still say that black splint looks fantastic with Sibe fluff on it!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  6. I must admit to being a tad suspicious of two is sneaky and I like to keep my eyes on her hands. I especially like one on the noggin and under the chin. Every so often she sneaks up on me puts both hands under my front arm pits. Holds me with one then proceeds to rub my tummy like a mad woman causing friction. And rumor has it when she stops, I've been known to display an itty bitty ounce of kitty displeasure.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  7. I prefer one hand because when my mum uses two it usually means there is a pill coming.

  8. Oh yes, definitely two is better! But either one or two, full attention is very important :-) Sometines tummy rub is allowed, sometimes it's off limit. Gotta read the mood at time of scritches:-)

  9. We prefer two hand cuddles but we usually just get one hand. We are pretty hard done by....sad kitty sigh.
    Emily and Winston

  10. Definitely two hands are better because, even if you feel the urge to nip or bite, that should be your option, right?

  11. It depends on the kitteh! Tucker used to prefer two-handed, but Sadie gets a little miffed with two hands, so we use one.

  12. i have the rare pleasure of not having a single bitey cat! Two hands or one they love it!

  13. snax nip N scritchinz !!!!! and knot in that order....guyz yur talkin....round heer scritchinz dee pend on R moodz; ear onlee N one hand onlee....thatz been de way with like... all oh de trouterz sinz time bee gan !! ☺☺♥♥

  14. Holy cat! That's ferocious, Leia! I'm thinking Toby should be nicer to you ... sure, you're a tiny tabby ... but you obviously know how to use what you have. Bear agrees with Toby ... sometimes two hands are required - at others, it's just a little too much. Then again, our fickleness in regards to the number of hands issue means we keep our humans on their toes! And what's better than that?