Friday, April 7, 2017

He Meow'd, She Meow'd, Mom's Mad

We want to wish all our furriends a most wonderful weekend.

Ok, so DON'T BELIEVE ANYTHING you are about to read. I mean it. It wasn't me. I.. uhhh.. I'm pretty sure it was Not Me, posing as my orange clone. Really, look at this sweet face, would I do anything bad, like EVER???

Ha. Our furriends are TOO SMART to fall for that line, orange beastie boy. 

So here is what happened - yesterday I was all
happy and content and snuggled into my little house.
The one that fits me purrfectly, and was a gift from my Brody. Toby comes marching over and ATTACKS me! He even tore apart my house (mom had to go into the remodeling business to fix it), and chased me under the bed. Meanie. Naturally, Mom stepped in to save me.

Toby: I was defending my territory. There was an ebil introoder kitteh out there! Oh wait, that wasn't me, that was Not Me Orange Clone. But I was the one who saw the introoder, so somewhere along the line N M O C took over...   ::sees the frosty stares of two females::  err.... umm.... I think I need to go... do some- (Toby dashes off to safety in an undisclosed location).

Mom's turn:
Unfortunately, there are some outside cats that roam here. A really beautiful black cat hangs out nearby, and he/she stopped to see Toby behind the sliding glass door. I came in, the other cat ran, Toby was full of a bad case of redirected aggression. And sought out my tiny Leia, who is less than half his size. With the help of a pillow, I get him out of the bedroom so she can recover herself. But he's still mad, and unsure what to do with his furry fury, and I'm mad because he attacked Leia with no warning.  He literally ran into the living room to find her so he could beat her up. 

None of us had a good morning. 


  1. Poor tiny Leia, Brody wants to go over there and show Toby who the boss is. Maybe you should get some Feliway spray to keep him calm.

    1. Toby IS extremely calm and normally opposed to exertion. Except when introoders show up.

  2. What a bummer! Redirected aggression can be so frustrating. I guess you just have to keep them apart until Toby resets.

    It'd be a good thing if you were able to discourage the other kitties from coming around. Outside cats sometimes send the indoor kitties into a tailspin.

  3. Mommy said I am terrible to go bonkers when others show up!!!!

  4. Oh no we are so sorry to read this and DAG GONE it why don't people keep their cats inside!! It is BETTER for everyone! I hope and pray Toby gets over this event. Once years ago when we had our first cat who was a neutered male the same thing happened with some that were roaming around outside. Milky-way was an only cat but for several days after seeing them on the porch he would charge at the back door which had glass panes. I was so worried he was going to hurt himself. He even did a mini amount of spray. Thank goodness that was just one time. I wonder if you bought some type of wind sock or something that made a noise out on the patio it would send them running.
    Hugs and kitty kisses to all We hope and purr Leia is ok and peace is restore quickly.
    Madi and Cecilia

  5. I feel for all three of you. Redirected aggression is a harsh thing for everyone involved.

  6. Poor Leia...poor Toby...poor MAMA! Hope the fur settles quickly.

  7. Poor Leia! That wasn't very nice at all.

    Mom's original cat would get all upset with a intruder who would sit bold-as-you-please on the porch. When the intruder got bored and left, Bing would attack our mom's leg! And Bing was a girl!

    Some 11 cats in, that was the only time anyone got very excited like that; at the house William and Russell would only watch alien cats who wandered into the yard.

  8. Once I clawed Peep #1 'cause of that. purrs

  9. Poor Leia! Toby, you need to find a kicker or something and take your aggression out on that instead of your poor sister.

  10. That has happened here too. I get really upset when I see strange introoders outside. The mom wishes everybuddy would keep their cats inside. ~Wally

    Leia, Toby really didn't mean to attack you. He just lost his head for a minute.

  11. Oh poor Leia and poor Toby and poor YOU!!! We go through that a few times a week with Dakota. He will hear something that startles him and he will look for Cody to try and attack him (he doesn't do anything bad to him) but it makes me sooooooo angry! Since he is a dog he is larger than Cody, (but Cody is MUCH tougher), I just don't like when he scares Cody like that and I am always afraid that one day he will accidentally hurt him. He doesn't mean to do it, like Toby doesn't mean to, but it is scary! (((hugs))) catchatwithcarenandcody

  12. Oh, this makes us so sad. We are sorry for you all, Toby, Leia and Mom.

  13. Grrr... we know a little about that misguided aggression. It's all the visiting kitties fault, too!

  14. We hope things settle down there soon. Poor Leia. The worst period of my life was when I had two cats who just DID NOT get along. EVERYONE was miserable. I know Toby isn't usually like that - he must be stressed with the stupid intruder! Toby ... remember, it's your job to protect Leia and your Mommy.

  15. Oh. Well ... er ... Toby, we know all about instincts here -- and you just acted off of yours, right?!?! We hope Leia is ok!!!!!

  16. Oh yous poor little grrl! Those horrid man cats and all their aggression at intruuders!!! Kozmo used to does that with mes and mes HATES it! Mommy made mes a box with a hole small enough just for mes so mes could gets away from Kozmo and Jo Jo and it is still behind the sofa for when they comes to visit.
    Many kisses dear Leia
    Your grrl furrend, Nellie

  17. I'm sorry to hear this, Leia. And Toby, too. It's not your fault, Toby! There was a redirected aggression case here long time ago, too. After a while, everything went back to normal. I hope peace will be with you all. xo

  18. guyz....we mizzed thiz post......sorree everee one hada crap azz kinda day N we hope bye now everee onez bak ta bee in palz....♥♥♥