Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Thursday - Life with Felines

It really hurts my feelings when I try to be helpful, and all I get is "Toby, NO!"
See this desk? Mom got it set up - finally! it's been a mess for months - and I was
only trying to use my interior decorator skills to move things around.

So I really don't understand her muttered references to "taking hostages".

Yes, I thought these figurines, and the glass pumpkin, would look better moved 
OFF the desk. I was experimenting with a minimalist approach.

But she said these ladies were far too expensive ***
to take a swipe of my Mighty Paw of Doom.

Anyway, I got what I wanted; all that clutter has been relocated.

You're welcome, Mom.

**** Hallmark store. Way overpriced but....


  1. Of course, *we* would never recommend this, but our mom uses Scotch Removable Mounting Putty to secure things that are in "harm's way." Why, she even stuck a giant wad of it under the stereo because some girl here pushed it on to the floor while somebody was playing tag with her.

  2. Humans never seem to appreciate our decorating skills. I thought the bathroom looked so much better with toilet paper all over the floor but the mom didn't see it the same way. Sheesh. ~Ernie

  3. My human has a few figurines... and I have NO idea where she put them! In fact, I don't think I've even seen them, just heard rumors that they exist...

  4. Humans don't appreciate our decorating skills. I tried to convince my mom that her aloe plant looked better knocked onto the floor, but she got mad for some reason. Signed, Ringo.

  5. Toby, we hear ya! Why humans want to set out stuff that cats don't want on top, is a mystery!

  6. dood...we agreez....ya canna chillax on top oh de desk with thoz galz in de way....

    me... tuna knocked an irish piggy bank off de nite stand once N it broken inta food gurl waz eye rate....hay, eye said, ya getted de coins outta it that ya dinna noe how two get out ~~~~~~ whatz de fuss ☺☺

    we iz off line for a few sew heerz two an X ray fish kinda week oh end ~ ♥♥

  7. Toby SHE should be thankful your skills have made for less dusting thus less work. MOL MOL MOL MOL
    Well done my friend.
    My mom loves the ladies though!!
    Hugs madi your bfff

  8. I can't believe she hurt your felines like that! The minimalist look is so "in"!!! Some of our great brothers taught our mom how that look can really enhance a home years ago. I think the highlight of that process was when great-brother Dave helped himself to a snack. It was bananas - an acceptable snack! Oh, sure ... he ate peel and all ... and they had been on top of the refrigerator ... but fruit is healthy, right? After that, I'm told, things weren't left on top of the fridge, the counters, pretty much anywhere. It's a great look, right?!? Your mom should appreciate your efforts more!!!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  9. I like the minimalist look, but they are pretty- smart of your Mom to move them.

  10. I'm a big fun of minimalist approach, Toby! Great job clearing up the clutter! Goro has helped us with clutter in the kitchen a lot, too, and we sure are thankful!

  11. Bear has the same hankering to "redecorate" ... all my breakables are safely boxed up or on top of the entertainment center (the one place Bear hasn't succeeded in getting to ... YET). You definitely have an eye, Toby ... maybe you and Bear should start a consulting company?

  12. Ah, redecorating.... We'll remind our Mom that's what it's called. MOL!

  13. yes once I move the crayons all over the floor to make a stain glass affect but I only got in trouble


  14. I think Frodo and Toby share the same sense of design--unfortunately! They go for the less is more approach!

  15. Man, that is just why mommy doesn't have anything out much. I will always use MY skills on them too. She never EVER appreciates it. xox

  16. Moms never seem to share the feline artistic vision.
    Winston and Emily