Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Inkblots

This extremely handsome fellow, or lovely ladycat (I don't know which) is who is making my cats crazy. Actually, there are three look alikes that run around here, sometimes in a kitteh pack.

I think they come from a house around the corner. I don't know that he doesn't officially have a home; I just see him a lot around here. Lately I've noticed him napping on the other covered back porch we have, the one that thankfully my cats don't watch much.

I can't do much for him; taking proper care of my own on one income is almost more than I can manage as it is. I don't have the emotional or financial resources for more.

What I can do is leave him alone, to have this porch as a safe space, out of the elements. I can provide clean water; I can put out kibble so that if a hunt isn't succesful, at least he/they don't have to go to sleep hungry. Though I appreciate the irony that his natural diet is probably very much healther than this cheap kibble.

And not least, I can absolutely hate the people who didn't bother to fix their cats that at some point, produced this litter that runs around. 

But, what I can't do is develop an emotional connection with him. I don't speak to him, and he watches me carefully, ready to run. If this weren't a rental, I could do more, but who knows how long we will live here? What if the next people hate cats? 

Can I just say, one more time, how much I truly hate people who are so careless with these furry lives????!!!


  1. You can say it again and again, and know that we agree 100%. Thank you for doing what you can for the Inkblots. <3

  2. We'll say it one more time for you we truly hate people who don't spay/neuter their cats too. Last summer my peeps friend's in the mountains took on a kitten that was staying around their house. (They don't have any pets). My peeps were up visiting the weekend after Charlie started hanging out. They ask mom for information on what to do and not do. They didn't even if he was male or female. Mom KNEW! even though he was small. He was very friendly so mom said while he is still small and able to be handled (for newbies) take him to your vet, get him neutered. He checked out purrfectly managed neutering and staying in their basement for a week to heal. Things have been wonderful. The lady is allergic to cats so he was to be outside only. Then this spring some new cats found Charlie's home and his food and are driving them crazy. Of course they aren't fixed and know one knows who the belong to either. Mom has offered some more advice about the food 'cause they surely don't want 5 cats to feed. Needless to say they cannot afford Spay/neuter them either. Hugs to you for doing what you are doing...but as you said it is an $$$$ to feed strays. You have to look out for what is yours.
    Hugs madi and mom

  3. PS they also got Charlie all his vaccines too and will keep them updated.

  4. Thank you for doing what you can. Our heart breaks for the kit-cats!

  5. We are glad we dont have anny ferals stayin in OUR yard. Once in a while a stranger comes around (cuz of our Nip Patch we think) but they dont act hungry and they dont stay. So they probly have homes in the neighborhood.

  6. We agree with you 100%! Not to mention, we dislike humans who let their cats roam free outside. Cats are better off inside.

    Maybe you could contact a local rescue group who could trap the cats and get them fixed or find homes for them?

  7. You can only do what you can do. But irresponsible humans are so very frustrating!

  8. I feel exactly the same way you do, people are so irresponsible. Thank you for the kind words you left on my loss of Snowball. XO

  9. You are very kind and doing the best you can do for the kitties. And I agree, it's very sad and frustrating that some people are so careless with furry lives.

  10. I agree 100% with you. It's despicable to allow this to happen by not taking the necessary responsibility to neuter them when it doesn't have to.

  11. I so know how you feel. You're doing all that you can.

  12. We understand your position too.
    Thanks for what you are doing :)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ