Friday, September 29, 2017

Goodbye, Zuzu

How many more beautiful feline furriends must we lose this year? 

Zuzu from Colehaus Cats has, very unexpectedly, gone on to the Bridge.

We were there when she came into her family's lives, 
and read the stories of the Niblet Countdown, and watched the Niblets themselves grow up.

She left too soon.

Pawhugs to her family from us all.

And also, this is a good time to say to all our furriends how much we care about you, and enjoy visiting your blogs to see what you are doing. Our Cat Blogosphere is a very special community, and we take great pride and happiness from being part of that.


  1. I was very sad to hear the news. It was so unexpected.

  2. IT was terrible news and broke my heart. Zuzu, Buddy, Zoe, Phoebe, all at once. Other dear ones within a month or so. I love them all. And mom and I say to you that we love everyone and care deeply about all of the CB.

  3. We were so, so sad to hear about Zuzu this morning. :-(

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about passing of Zuzu. Her family must be devastated..

  5. Yes, this was very sad news. We really care about all the kitties and people in the Cat Blogosphere.

  6. We were heartbroken to learn of Zuzu's passing. It's true ... so many of our friends have made their journeys to the Bridge recently. Thank you for caring, dear ones. We love you lots, too.