Wednesday, September 27, 2017

It's Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

Now, I need all our furriends to know - that little hussy girl is NOT the only great hunter in this house.

Just last night I let Mom know there was something under the oven. I had to make it clear - we all know how slow hooomins can be - but finally she laid down on the floor with a flashlight and saw what I already knew.

A teeny, tiny lizardy thing. She finally got the message that under or behind the stove is a lizardy on ramp into the house.

Unfortunately this means some noisy stranger will come into the house soon to move the oven so holes can be patched up. And cleaned under there. Apparently all the dust and icks of the ages reside under it. She stuffed some cloth under the stove to hold back the lizard hordes for now.

So take THAT, Leia.

** With great sadness we mark the passing of one of the Kitteh Blogosphere's shining lights. Dear Phoebe, you will be greatly missed. Pawhugs to you and your family.


  1. Lizard!?! Under the stove!?!?!
    All that is under ours is ick. Mommy had to move it when Jo Jo knocked over a jar of pickles and all the juice ran under the stove.
    She was not happy (Mommy - Jo Jo laughed) Oh yes, there were some cat toys and dust and sticky pickly hairballs too!!!
    It would have been cool to have lizards!!!

  2. Tobes, you rock as a hunter! Without you, your kitchen would be overrun with lizardy interlopers. The noise, patching, and cleaning part will have to be witnessed from UTB (under the bed).

  3. You go, Toby! We know orange boys make the best hunters. Why, it was our old bro Russell who alerted our mom to the two centipede visitors we got (and they also got in from behind the stove!). After the second one, Mom finally figured out that there was a 3/4" gap between the flooring and the wallboard that was letting in all manner of unwanted types. The cheapos who constructed this place just didn't bother with any baseboard trim there. Mom fixed that post haste!

  4. Unfortunately, in hunting down the lizard, you also revealed where it came from - bummer that it will be patched up now.

  5. lee awesum job dood; we iz glad yur on R side coz de last thing we knead rite now iz spiez in houzez ....18 centz anda sack oh friez sayz de bass terd gobbler sended him; sure him mite a made a good snax...then again it could been a bas terd turkee... poze inn aza lizard.....ya noe ~~~☺☺♥♥

  6. Toby, that's impressive! I wish we had hoards of lizards. The lady emphatically does not wish that and empathizes with your mom. I don't know why.

  7. Oh my, lizard under the oven! The medsage? The lizard totally wants to be baked in the oven and become your dinner! Go get them!

  8. She isn't going to fix it so a lizard friend can't come in and play with you, is she? That's no fun.

  9. Excellent job, Toby. But what's wring with having a lizard onramp???

  10. Florida and its famous creeping critters. They love to get in all the teeny openings. Good for You Toby letting Mom know.
    I hope the man coming to fix it is nice and efficient and you don't have to bite his ankles?! :-) Madi your bfff

    1. You are so right. The bug and other creepy life here are just astounding.

  11. Frodo did the same thing for me Toby! Showed me there was a mouse on-ramp behind the stove! Still trying to patch it up!

  12. Ugh. I'm completely disgusted to look under our oven. We had an ant on ramp under there a couple years ago. I guess I did such a good job of eliminating it that they come in everywhere else now!

  13. Thank you for the kind words for Phoebe, she is very missed. XO

  14. Kudos to you ! Wonderful, Job !
    Many creeping critters here too ! In the house, I didn't found one yet ! I will keep an eye and keep my nose on it.
    Have a lovely weekend

  15. Well done Toby! We used to get mice in the kitchen, but that was because Flynn would bring them in to play and sometimes they would run under the oven.

  16. HA! Way to go, Toby!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher