Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Sorta Wordless Wednesday

Hmm... yep, let's go with this one, Mom, it shows off my best side.

Mom has a story:

On the way home through my neighborhood on Tuesday night, 
I saw something I'd never seen before: a cat caught a squirrel! 
Didn't get to keep him, but he definitely caught that tree rat.

I saw the cat, a beautiful white and gray tabby (and kind of tubby, too) stalking something.
When he pounced, I realized there was a squirrel by the tree, apparently ignoring this not
particularly stealthy cat just feet away. The cat grabbed his sides with both paws,
but that cheeky fellow just scampered up the tree. He probably suffered a few scratches,
but I don't believe there was any real harm done.


  1. Toby, ALL of your sides are GOOD! Our Chucky managed a direct hit on a squirrel once, and we saw it! Of course the squirrel got away, but Chuck was definitely up in it's grill!

  2. Hi there handsome! Squirrels aren't the smartest things, are they?

  3. My human had a cat many, many years ago that caught (and ate!) several squirrels every summer. She was an amazing hunter and refused to be an indoor-only cat, much to my human's dismay.

  4. You are showing off one of your very handsome sides, Toby.
    Flynn caught several squirrels amongst other things. They never got away though.

  5. My Robin, our last indoor-outdoor girl caught squirrels all of the time and like Flynn and Eric quarry, they never got away. Her was a 6 pound Tortie and tougher than nails. But she had all three human brothers totally under her fisks! She caught a rabbit, small one a month before she passed from CKF. And leapt to the deck with it proudly bring home supper. I miss that precious girl. She was 16.

  6. That's a very handsome photo of you, Toby!
    I know Goro would catch squirrel if he were indoor/outdoor kitty :-)

  7. WTG neighborhood cat. I bet that cheeky tree rat learned a valuable lesson...
    Hugs madi your bfff
    PS I'm feeling much better today and eating well!

  8. That was a brave kitty. Nice shot of Toby.

  9. dood all yur sidez bee yur best sidez in R book..... good job two yur naybor kitteh on catchin that vizshuz squirrelz but good thing he let him go....proab ableez fulla cooteeez ~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

  10. Well "werdless" is more a state of mind than a reality. And who would argue with a cat that caught a Evil Skwerl annyway?

  11. Toby, I bet that cat felt pretty good about his (or her) self that night. Yay for tubby kitty!

    By the way, I bet your other side looks good too!

  12. Toby, EVERY side is your good side1 Ava could catch a squirrel, but I'm not sure she'd know what to do with it. :)