Wednesday, February 21, 2018

We've Arrived!

Mom is so excited - we just got asked to do a review for KitNipBox, a monthly cat subscription box! Our first ever. The box was delivered today. All nicely packed inside.

Now on to the action shots!

We both dove right in, it all smelled so good. I, Toby, went straight for that thingie I'm holding onto for dear life. Mom says I just about licked it into non-existence. But, we all know hoomins just don't appreciate a fine nip experience.

Leia chose the yellow guy. After we calmed down a bit,
Mom gave us a taste of the dried whitefish treat. Pretty darn good!
Although, we both had some trouble figuring out what to do with it.
Fair warning, it's got a strong smell to it.

So this is the rest of the box, in addition to the two toys we had first. 
All the toys are transportation-themed. And there is a card that says they donate a portion of each box to kittehs in need. Who can't luff that?

We give it all two paws up!

Now for the obligatory stuff:

The box was free in exchange for our honest review.
We'd have told y'all if we thought this was a stinker, but really we all enjoyed it very much.

Here is the link for the company's site; KitNipBox.
We even have our very own coupon code too: Whiskeratti,
good for 15% off a new subscriber's first month.


Wowwie, have I ever got a nip hangover! Leia, you can take this for awhile.


  1. Congratulations! You did a great job on your first review. That looks like a box full of fun. XO

  2. I like the theme idea and great stuff, too! - Tom

  3. Great review, Toby and Leia! Just look at all that wonderful stuff!

  4. That KitNipBox looks like a winner!

  5. Oh boy, look at all that good stuff. We love freeze-dried fish here.

  6. Gotta be careful with too much nip, Toby!

  7. guyz....yur box oh goodz iz total lee awesum N how kewl iz that.....that they givez bak ta kittehz in knead !!!!! 984 pawz UP !!!! N joy & haz sum whitefish for uz pleez ☺☺♥♥

  8. That is a lovely box of goodies. A great review too.

  9. Wow, how much fun is that?? You two are some lucky kidlets!

  10. You guys are indeed lucky! That looks like a lot of fun toys and you two are clearly enjoying them. We're happy for you!

  11. Oh wow, what a pawsome box! So many goodies! Great review, Toby and Leia. It’s fun they pack themed toys. I guess it’s gonna be different theme for each month :-) Enjoy your nip time!

  12. Wow! That stuff looks great. We think we might be able to smell its deliciousness all the way over here!

  13. Looks like you two did a little teamwork there ... a cat's job waits for nothing ... not even a catnip high ;)

  14. WOW WOW! May I hop on in the tunnel and head over? I want to try the red thingie and the whitefish.

  15. got the Feline Mother Lode for sure.
    That should keep two kit kats busy and happy for a long time
    hugs madi your bfff

  16. WoW! That is totally cool! I LOVE it!

  17. I have heard about such things but have never had one. It certainly looks like you enjoyed your box of goodies =)