Thursday, April 5, 2018

Mom, mom, mom....

Sighs. Once again, you have cut us to the quick. How could you have so little faith in us?? 
Honestly, woman.

Dear furriends, you see here that I'm watching one of the outside kittehs
we feed enjoying his/her evening snack. Calmly. Quietly. 

Not hitting the glass with outrage. Not screaming, hissing, spitting.
NOT inflicting my redirected aggression onto my tiny sisfur, Leia.

And here you see it's not just me, it's her too.

Mom, this is what we mature, sophisticated individuals - also known as "cats" -
 like to refer to as a growth experience.

So there. Neener neener neener.


  1. Well done, you two! Maybe you can teach this quiet, mellow display to Manny and Chili Bruce, who find watching The POM and Sweetie outside to be a virtual gymnastics exercise!

  2. I am impressed, you are such little angels. XO

  3. MOL MOL MOL Toby and Leia you two sophisticated felines are
    F U N N Y!!! Growth experience and inside enrichment and wink wink the mom is also hoping you 2 realize just how lucky you are to be indoor kit kats
    Hugs madi your bfff

    1. She says that EVERY time we'd see one of these guys.

  4. guyz.....we think thiz iz awesum that ewe both let naybor kitteh get sum nomz ~~~ ♥♥♥♥ de "ungrowth experience" for when ya knead ta fite off bass terd burd ore vizshuz squirrelz.....yea ~~~

    ☺☺ ♥♥

  5. We admit we wouldn’t have been watching outside cats so calmly.

  6. We don't see outdoor kitties here, but we'd like to think we'd be mature like you two. We're studying you in case we do see them. You set a good example. Neener, neener! MOL!

  7. I don't think I could do that. Please do not subject me to that!

  8. You are sophisticated and mature, indeed! Good job keeping your cool when you saw a kitty :-)

  9. You both are the epitome of sophistication and largesse! Your feeding of those less able to have parents to take care of them is commendable to the extreme.


  10. So quiet and contained! We're not sure we would or could do that. We always let everyone know whenever an introooder is around!

  11. Leia ... most boys don't appreciate being used as a step-stool ... just saying ;) Then again, you're the boss around there - so you can do what you want.

  12. Peeps. You give a fur-sib a redirected aggressive smacky-paw, ONCE (close enough if I round way down) and they never let you live it down. MOUSES!

  13. Your maturity and wisdom is overwhelming! But what do you do once mom leaves the room??

  14. You are both very good to let the outdoor cats eat in peace.