Sunday, February 24, 2019

Today, A Leia Memory

Happy Sunday to all.

Leia definitely had the makings of a fairy cat, I think. 
She was always slightly mysterious, especially with those enormous green eyes. 

She didn't care too much about closed room doors BUT she wanted in cabinets. It was an affront to her, I think, that they were closed. She was smart enough to figure out how to open them; I'd have to use child safety devices, and in the case of the kitchen sink cabinets, a spatula, to keep her out.

And still, I would sometimes hear her trying to open the doors. Bang, bang, bang!

Especially at night. Silly kitteh.    :)


With Florida winters, you never know what you will get. This year was fairly mild, and already the temps are rising. Spring is coming early this year, and as always, it's bringing bugs with it.

Yesterday I started walking around the outside of my house with my outside broom, knocking down tiny starter homes for wasps or hornets, not sure which. I think hornets, but either way, I am the official demolition crew. This is the time to get them, when they are just single rooms and not an entire d***** mega hotel. This doesn't kill the actual queens, and they are free to go elsewhere that doesn't have a crazy human with a broom.

I try not to use actual bug spray; there are stray or feral cats that come through, and I want to keep them safe. Besides, other bugs will just take their place, so the broom is just as effective and safer at this point. In past years I haven't caught them early enough to knock them down. Those nests get big enough, you need an expensive pro to deal with them. 

And of course, we have hurricane season 2019 to prep for. Fun times.


  1. Hey Precious Leia...and what a sweet memory.
    Little knocks were to let you know it was her house...just like all cats they let us live with them

    YIKES a wasp CONDO is not something you about BAD neighbors
    Thank you for sharing Leia's memory...keep it up it is good for all of us especially you

  2. That is a lovely memory of beautiful Leia.
    We get a lot of wasp and hornets in the trees around here, but thankfully they don't start building indoors.

    1. I meant OUTSIDE the house, around the eaves and corners. :)

  3. We miss Leia lots. <3 My human is glad we don't get a lot of those wasps around here. We've only had an occasional renter to get rid of.

  4. What a beautiful rendering of precious Leia. The touch of color around her like little sparks. Happy Sunday with sweet Leia and the sun shining today. XX

  5. Bet you continue to hear the cabinets 'bang' from time to time, as Angel Leia lets you know that she's keeping an eye on you!

  6. That memory of Leia made us smile. Wally was the same way...always trying to get into the cabinets. :)

  7. That's a super special memory of your beloved Leia, and one that made us smile. What a clever girl she was. Our angels, Moosey and Sammy, were like that ... we had to install baby latches on everything for them, too. Maybe Leia's met up with them at the Bridge, and they're all exploring the open cabinets there to their hearts' delight. :)

  8. A very sweet Leia memory indeed. So far Cleo doesn't seem to be into cabinets (Orbit used to always try to paw them open), but she does get offended when the bedroom or bathroom doors are shut. Stay well, and have a good week.

  9. Awww your sweet memory with Leia made me smile! What a funny girl she was :-)
    We have lots of wasps flying around in spring. Maybe I gotta get out with a broom!

  10. Wasps scare me because the kitties can get stung! We will kill those with a broom or a thick rag. Eek!

  11. leia....look at yur gorgoeuz self....who new ya could get inta sew much mizz cheef...

    N pleez tell mom ta uze a gardin hoze at full blast; that will
    all sew get rid oh de nest N her willna knead ta get az cloze that way; best ta due thiz at dusk when de bugz be kinda "dormant" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  12. She was such a beauty! That's too funny about the cabinets!
    Spring. SO ready for Spring. We got smacked by another blizzard over the weekend; this is really getting old.

  13. What a beautiful little girl she was. Her antics made our mom laugh--William used to do the same thing with the cupboard doors with child-proof latches she had to install...bang bang bang!

  14. That was a sweet memory of your beautiful girl. XO

  15. It is fun ta open cabinet doors. I can do it and get inside, the others cant. ~ IZA

  16. Leia was kind of mysterious to us - maybe because Toby knew how to get our attention - and she was fine with whatever was left. But Bear used to do exactly that with the cabinets! Ours were already child-proofed too. I know that incessant banging. Come to think of it, I kind of miss it now that Bear's slowed down quite a bit.

  17. And may I (IZA) mentioned that the major heaty mat is a joy of my daily life...

  18. beautiful eyes indeed! And Frodo also treats all closed cabinets as an affront!

  19. Sorry for the loss of your lovely family kitty!