Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Wandering on Wednesday

This is one of two cats I feed. I don't know how often the other cat comes around, but this one I see a lot. I get a girl kitteh vibe so I named her Shae. I figured that's good for male too, though it leans female. I read years back that cats respond to the sh sound so that led me to this choice.

Shae will meow at me, and often will be waiting on the front patio for breakfast, which is served on the back patio.  She won't come near me but the fact that she tries to communicate with me makes me wonder if she wants to be friends. Or if she's saying hurry up! I've started talking to her but I don't try to touch her.

In other news... I'm already prepping for hurricane season. I was horribly unprepared for that five day outage. Collecting is also expensive so I'm doing this in stages. I have added several good LED lanterns, and Monday a very impawtant accessory arrived: my cell phone power bank. It gives 8 charges, according to the specs. I spent a lot of time last fall trying to keep charged.

Of course, THE accessory to have is a generator but darn, those are expensive. It won't be this year. Perhaps 2020.


  1. Shae is so beautiful! That is a great picture. It’s very nice of you to feed her and the other kitty.

    I hope you don’t lose power. That’s the worst! It’s good that you’re preparing. When we lived in Pennsylvania, I wanted a generator.

  2. When we finally trapped our Mamacat (black, like your feral!), and took her to the spay/neuter clinic, the volunteers just rolled their eyes at her they don't get 20 'Mama' cats a day!!! Once she allowed me to get close to her, I changed her name to Sweetie, but I still call "Mama!" to her once in awhile. We talked to a engineer about a generator, since we lose power at least twice a year, and the size that he recommended was several thousand dollars too! Yikes!

  3. Oh Shae is a darling! I LUFFS that you can chat together
    Those hurricane things are seriously scary, I'm glad to hear you are getting prepared
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. She is gorgeous, and we do think she is curious and wants to become friends. We hope this happens!

  5. Aw Shae is beautiful!! I didn't know kitties would respond to sh sound.
    It's great you are preparing for hurricane early. I do want to get a generator, too, but yep they are so expensive!

  6. She is truly beautiful and I hope she becomes friends with the benefits of petting allowed.

  7. Oh man, generators are horribly expensive and much be tested, monthly preferably, they are LOUD..I wish I had one too, though.

  8. What a pretty kitty! My human is scared of hurricanes... she says from over here in earthquake country!

  9. shae ewe bee a troo bee ewe tee... N we iz glad sum onez lookin out for taked boomer a looooooooooooooooooooooong time ta get used ta bee in close enuff for contact, but onze him did ....... !!!!☺☺☺♥♥

  10. Shae, you are such a gorgeous kitty. Maybe she will let you get closer to her soon. It's always great to get ready before hurricane season. We might do the same thing too. The whole east coast is always in danger now. Thanks for the share. Have a great day.
    World of Animals

  11. Hey Shae...I love that name...and what a very lovely front yard beauty.
    MOL I expect she is probably saying hurry up with maybe 'please' at the end.

    Gosh I thin you are extremely wise to plan ahead dang hurrycanes are so scary. My daughter tells me there are still so many places down her way that are still covered in tarp. So many needed supplies even the suppliers are backed up....and here we are with another season on the horizon.
    Sending hugs to you

  12. Shae is beautiful. Is she ear tipped? I can't tell from the photo, but it looks like it. Our generator is disconnected and needs work, but my hubby is too cheap -ugh! Luckily we don't live in an area with hurricanes. XO

  13. Shae has found a true friend in you!

    Getting prepared early is an excellent idea. Hopefully this season will be kinder.

  14. Shae is beautiful! Thank you for feeding her and the other kitteh. :)

    Glad to hear you're preparing for hurricane season. We hope it is not a bad season.

  15. Prepping for hurricane season now sounds like a very good plan!
    Shae is so pretty! God bless you for feeding her and the other kitty!

  16. Shae is pretty. I hope she plucks up courage and in time will let you touch her.
    I hope your hurricane season won't be a bad one, but at least you will be prepared.

  17. Oooooh, Shae looks just like me, which means he/she is very handsome/pretty! We hope s/he will become friendlier since you are her food source. Kitties usually become fonder of their food-providers--we are simple souls ;-) You are like the boy scouts: always prepared!

  18. You are wise to prep early.
    Have a wonderful Monday...

    Noodle and crew