Sunday, July 21, 2019

Something Old, Something New

I'm cleaning out closets and donating stuff to Goodwill. Yesterday I took a load over and found....

these gorgeous silverplated serving dishes on the cart. They also have the glass dish inside.

And they were FREE. I was admiring them and the attendant told me twice 
I could just take them; it's a donation only center, so there was no way to buy them there anyway.

I couldn't resist! Yes, I know the point is to get rid of items, and I do no entertaining at all but still.

Pretty tarnished, but baking soda has done a fine job cleaning them up. 

And for the new:

Cracker Barrel is putting out their fall and Halloween items. 
These were NOT free, but worth buying.

They remind me of some of the props Summer used on her blog post for the Day of the Dead.


  1. We get it--sometimes things are just too good to pass up. (Like a Mikasa serving tray our mom had to have!) We love the cat items. They definitely have that Day of the Dead vibe!

  2. The serving dishes are beautiful. I would of picked them up too. The Halloween theme items are just wonderful. Can't wait till October anyway cause there will be no heatwave weather. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals

  3. Those serving dishes are lovely and both from the same set too. I wouldn't have been able to resist them either.

  4. They are lovely never know you might need them one day! They were certainly the 'right price'!!
    You know I love the kitties.
    Hugs and I hope your week is good

  5. Wow, that is super cool about the serving dishes! And the Halloween kitties are so much fun! :_

  6. That’s a great find. Those serving dishes are so elegant! And the Halloween kitties are very cute :-)

  7. Don't think that I could have walked away from those serving dishes either! And whoa, you are thinking about Halloween already? Didn't summer just get here?!?
    P.S. I hung with Summer's mom today, and got to take a bazillion photos of Summer too! So much fun!

  8. Oh boy, Halloween stuff is coming out! Cool items.

  9. I like your old and your new. I need to get to Cracker Barrel. XO

  10. What great finds!! Especially the kitties!

  11. Oh gosh, Mom once had a silver plated serving dish and it sat in a high cabinet for YEARS. Never found a use for it. Now, true silver (or even plated) silverware would be super to have mom said, but serving dishes will always never used around here. Not even when mom was married.

  12. My human actually has that DOD mug - it was a gift from her ex last year!

  13. I'm in the middle of sorting through stuff. So far, I've pitched probably a car trunk full of papers. Some of my clothes were damaged in the flood - so those went. Now I'm left with all my books and non-damaged clothes. Let's just say I've been putting off dealing with them for awhile.

  14. We need to sort and purge REALLY badly!
    Have a wonderful weekend...

    Noodle and crew

  15. isn't that the point of getting rid of stuff you don't want/need anymore so you have room for stuff that makes you happy?