Thursday, October 10, 2019

The Meeper

I swear Raji looks like a tiny mountain lion with her markings. 
I've never once heard her meow but I have heard many, many meepings.

I've started calling her Meeper, and sometimes Meeperette. 
She doesn't seem to mind. Tonight we had a very sweet, extended discussion about life.
She plopped down and exposed her tummy; there were even air biscuits!

She prefers to be petted like this - head down, elevator butt.
I do not know why but if it makes her happy, then sure.

Oh, Tombo! My canine furiend, you are a ....lot... too big for this bed.
The first time I looked over at him and saw he was in the bed,
he had managed to tuck all four legs under him but looked like the ultimate muffin top.

It was made for a small dog. Even Toby could only fit half his body into it.
I put it out in the hopes of snagging a feline.

Happy Friday to all.


  1. Raji, aka Meeper, sounds like a good listener. :)

  2. That's so funny that Tombo decided he liked the cat bed. Usually it's cats that steal dog beds - I had no idea it also went vice versa!

  3. Raji looks and sounds cute. Flynn had an elevator butt too.

  4. Raji looks like someone my mom would love to get acquainted with! I have an elevator butt when I am getting petted while standing.

  5. Raji the Meeper is so adorable! Funny photo of Tombo in a small bed :-) "Muffin top" made me lol!

  6. What precious roomies you have. Raji is quite gorgeous and Tombo...thinks if all 4 legs are in...he fits.
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. meeperette is an awesome name and you look FABulous Raji ~~~

    hugs from dai$y =^..*- ♥♥♥

  8. We're happy to hear that you and Raji have such special talks! And maybe you'll get the perfect visitor in that little bed!

  9. Raji is a sweetie. And the dog in the bed is too funny :) XO

  10. Dad says I'm the queen of elevator butt-ness.

  11. Raji the meeper is adorable. Ava is our meeper, though she has started meowing a little more. We love the picture of Tombo in that bed. :)

  12. Meep meep! That's so cute!
    It he's sits, it fits!

  13. What a great fur crew you have at your new address!! I love a good meep!

  14. Meeptastic! Bear likes to do what Raji does - butt in the air - almost upside down. We love your new roommates!

  15. We all have our little secret habits and pleasures. Our Beins lern them if we are lucky.

  16. Is Toby a Corgi? His colour and size makes him look like a beagle.

    1. Tombo. He's a Corgi. I always thought they were a bit smaller but I was wrong.