Sunday, February 9, 2020

Syl on Sunday

The princess fulfills her feline obligations to watch over, 
and supervise, the humans in her household.

This includes investigating box contents and packing.

Her work done, it's time to relax  in front of my open window.

Happy Sunday to all.


  1. That sounds like a busy Sunday ! Purrs

  2. Aww, Syl is beautiful. And very good at doing her job! :)

  3. She is a pretty girl and looks like good company.

  4. Replies
    1. These pics really don't do her justice. She's much prettier in purrson.

  5. She’s a beauty! And a good supervisor.

  6. Sylvina looks so regal and gorgeous. Princess indeed and she takes her obligations very seriously!

  7. Syl is really a busy supervisor!

  8. Sure sounds like Syl supervises all with an iron paw!

  9. Syl is a majestic and confident lady.
    Hugs cecilia

  10. syl ewe bee gorgeouz ~~~~~ waves two ewe frum de land oh trout :) ♥♥☺☺

  11. She really is gorgeous! And has such a thoughtful face!

  12. It's tough work keeping humans in line, even for a princess!

  13. Oh MY! LOOK at YOU! You are an example of feminine beauty of I have ever seen one and the Chatelaine of your estate!

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