Friday, September 18, 2020

A Face Like This....

 breaking news: Ruth B. Ginsberg has died. Rest in peace; you did your best for us all.

would never do any wrong, right? Ha. 

Her mom just got back from a week long trip. I looked after the furries' inside needs, and a service was engaged to walk Brekke. Oh my Ceiling Cat, this dog turned full on heathen while her mom was away!

She tried to scale the fence out back to go walkabout. I left her alone for literally two minutes. I caught her hanging from her front paws, her head looking back at me, as if to say "oops. You weren't supposed to see this..."

She destroyed toys. Hers AND Vina's. Brand new bouncy ball that V loves, too.

Worst of all - she knocked over the garbage can. With the chicken bones. At least four pieces. Yes, she ate EVERY SCRAP. We speculate that she was chasing Vina, and took advantage of the mess she created. She's never done this in the time I've lived here, so I wasn't prepared. 

I can feel every pet parent reading this cringing. I was absolutely horrified when I got home and realized what she had done. So far, it seems that she is fine from her very poor life decision from early Thursday. 

To be fair, it was a trying week for her. She is a highly active dog denied proper walks and exercise; she is very storm averse and we had weather related to H. Sally; there was separation anxiety from her human; and she was just plain bored. 

A note about pet sitting services - be very, very aware of just what you are getting. She needed a young, energetic person to walk her and play with her, and that is what was paid for. But the service owner sent her elderly parents, who were lovely people but simply not able to properly attend to this big, active dog. I almost feel like this was a case of bait and switch, though I am not a lawyer.

Oh, and if you wondered what Vina was up to this week...

being a purrfect angel. Of course.


  1. I was sad to see that Ruth Ginsberg had passed. That is awful that the pet sitter didn't do the job herself. Vina is a cutie. XO

  2. My human is utterly destroyed over RGB. We really don't have much else to say tonight.

  3. I am horrified at eating chicken bones. I guess they are always going to present that terrible hazard of splintering, but thank heavens it's not a given. Whew. I agree about pet sitting. I have had some bad ones that my neighbors told me about-as for instance coming to the house and then leaving a couple of literal minutes later. Admiral was not well cared for and the person tracked up the house badly as well. Her water wasn't changed...etc.

    1. I'm sorry you had those bad experiences. You really do have to watch the sitters. Which is very hard to do when you are away. In this case, I was home and could observe.

  4. I would demand a refund from the pet-sitting company; they may have endangered the dog!

  5. i hope she gets her money back from the service! How terrible! Glad to know everyone seems ok though!

  6. If Brekke wasn't getting the exercise she is used to, she most likely was bored rather than naughty. I am glad the chicken bones didn't cause a problem.

  7. Oh I’m glad Brekke seems fine after eating the chicken bones.
    Very sad about passing of RBG.

    Have a great weekend xo

  8. We're devastated about RBG's passing.

    Dang, Brekke went to town while her mom was away. We sure are glad she's okay after eating those chicken bones!

  9. Oh know surely didn't hold back on your displeasure did you.
    I think you got your just revenge. Lets hope you got all the crazies out of your system
    Hugs Cecilia

  10. Not all sitters are created equal. We've had some great ones and some not great ones.

  11. Boredom: the struggle is real. Usually for our cats though ...
    I used to dog sit professionally. I didn't think I was all that great - but once they found me, my customers didn't go anywhere. Unfortunately, I can't be more than one place at once ... and some of the other sitters left something to be desired.

  12. Sorry to hear about the pet sitting service. They really should be prepared to care for all kinds of dogs. Brekke obviously needed much more exercise than they were prepared to give. That's just not right.

  13. Missing RBG.

    Sorry about Brekke.

    Love Vina staying calm...

  14. Miss you. Hope you let us know how everyone is doing. XX