Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday. Again.

Last night, Leia and I discussed the steak situation. This morning, we called our hoomin into the kitchen for a serious confab about her failure to give steak when steak is due. Kittehs must be firm with their humans.

I lounged on the kitchen table while Leia pranced back and forth from below, to open the meeting. Our Mom gave us both head and chin scritches and lots of generalized petting.

And then we totally forgot to talk about the steak thing! Frak! We see what you did there, hoomin.


  1. That's a great way to get off the subject!

  2. My hoomins do the SAME thing! They always know how to keep me off subject with scritches and loves.
    Darn them!
    And I stole a bit of the little bean's steak the other night. It was quite delicious!

  3. Scritches are so good that they do make you forget important things.

  4. Oh, that was so tricky of your Mommy! Sorry you didn't get to discuss the steak issue, but at least you got some good scritches. :)

  5. Scritches are so distracting. Try not to get distracted by the scritches when discussing the steak situation.

  6. We think your mom tricked you into forgetting about the steak!

  7. Yes those wily humans and their secret steak games... we've got to remain alert, focused and on our toes.

    (Glogirly's cat)

  8. Sritches are their secret wepon. Bad humans. I would tell my human to go to her room if my human did somthing like withholding steak.

  9. You and Leia are TOO cute! Don't give my Petie or Kippie any ideas okay!
    Thanks for visiting my bloggie and reading GloGirly's post - good one wasn't it! :)

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  11. Steak denial is cruel, perhaps you should call the authorities?