Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Woofy Wednesday

It happens when I least expect it. I'll be settled down for my nap in front of the couch, my person comfortably settled in the recliner and I know she's not going anywhere for a while. Then I wake up for a check and YEEKS! she's gone! So I search the entire place, even looking at the front door to see if she snuck out on me. Where do I usually find her? On the couch behind where I was sleeping. She just laughs and says, "It's so hard to sneak up on you, Max, I just couldn't resist."

- Cousin Max


  1. She shouldn't do stuff like that.... ;-)

  2. Cute! Your mom's just teasing you because she loves you so much, Max. :)

  3. Humans are WEIRD. you need to get her a collar with a bell on it.