Saturday, January 23, 2010

Steak Steak Steak!!

O My Ceiling Cat, we luff steak!! LUFF LUFF LUFF it. We didn't even know that we luffed steak until Mom opened a package of cooked steak last night. The smell....ooooo the smell... brought us both running and demanding our fair share.

And do you think that ungrateful-for-her-wonderful kittehs hoomin shared with us?

No she did NOT!

She ignored us!



  1. Poor babies. Go claw her couch.

  2. I've never had steak, but it sounds heavenly. Next time your human makes steak, go and jump up on the table, grab a peice and nom on it under the bed. :)

  3. WHAT??? Does she not know that if one has real live fresh dead cow it's THE LAW to share it with the kitties??? Call 911. Really.

  4. What? This calls for a triple MEH!

  5. No fair! We know how youj feel. We are always asking our mom and dad for a taste of what they are eating ... pizza ... spaghetti ... tuna fish sandwiches ... steak ... polska kielbasa ... but they never give us any. :(

    Sammy and Moosey