Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mancat Monday

We had a very nice weekend, sunny and almost warm. Here you see me recharging my orange batteries. I need that to get through the week.

Dear furriends... once again we have cause to wonder just what ails our Mom! She went to Petsmart yesterday to buy us some food and ran into THIS:

She said it's a giant woofie breed from Germany called Leonberger.
He weighs 125 pounds and will get bigger too.

This guy could INHALE both of us and not even notice.
She told us he was actually rather a nice woofie but...


  1. Our mom LOVES big puppies like that! He's bigger than both of us put together!
    I need to recharge my batteries, too. It was an exhausting weekend.

  2. Wow! That's one big woofie! Thank cod your mom didn't bring him home with her.

  3. That is a giant woofie, for sure! He does look sort of nice, though. :)

  4. Well, as long as she didn't bring him home (or any other canine), I guess it is all right.

  5. That is big woofie for sure! He looks a bit like a dog I had when I was a child. He was rather rambunctious, though.
    I hope you got your orange batteries recharged to full. Have a great new week!

  6. That is a big woofie! Your mum could have rode it home! I hope you got your batteries fully charged.

  7. Recharging you orange batteries...Toby you tickle my funny bone.
    Oh what a beautiful wolfie...and B I G. Mom loves watching the Westminster Dog show. She has seen the Leonberger on there too
    Ohh my sis's vet in MHC has a Black Russian Terrier who is #1 in the USA. She will be competing in the working class at Westminster. We had never heard of Black Russian Terriers either.
    He and his wife breed them to at their kennel guardianbears.

    Mom was at Pet Supply Plus last week...she met a lovely lady Boxer named Scarlett. She told me Scarlett was staring at some bunnies in a cage. Of course the bunnies are about our size you are right we'd be a tasty snack.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  8. Um...better keep watching over your gorgeous satin shoulders as you are in your header! (My mom LOVES that picture of you both looking over your shoulders(.

  9. well it is a good thing YOU didn't meet the woofie.. :) I'm sure he wouldn't have eaten you, but you never know..

  10. You were right to be suspicious of your Mom. I mean, look at the size of that woofie! Huge! Can't be too careful.
    We hope your orange batteries were recharged!
    Oscar, Winston and Emily!

  11. Well, clearly she was never trained right. My mom is sort of a fraidy cat around dogs, so we never worry about stuff like that.