Thursday, January 14, 2016

Attention Kitteh Blogosphere Residents !!!

There's a vile rumor floating around Chez Whiskeratti this morning that I had an "incident".

That I tried to jump up on the bathroom counter but failed to make it.
That my back end just couldn't quite provide the boost.

Vile! Slander! Lies!! Stock market downturn!
Plus, it was just mean to say.


Ok, maybe it's true but there is a very good reason. 
I blame it all on Mom. She was right there, watching, and and and and it just really
threw off my route up.  If she hadn't been in the way it would have been a purrfect 10 landing.

Even worse, she picked me up and put me on the counter. Like I was some silly kitten tot!

Mom's note: It's hard watching them get older.  Toby's jumps used to be truly epic. 
I think we need arthritis meds at this point.


  1. Aw, Toby...having someone stare at you will definitely throw you off your game! You are an amazing mancat still!

  2. Yup, blame the mom! Then again... you could be training her to be even more of your slave! Just think, if you keep acting like you can't do something, soon she'll be carrying you anywhere you want to go, bringing your food to you, making comfy warm beds for you everywhere you want to be.. It's a whole new level of human slave! Good going! Hee hee
    To the mom: Coconut oil seriously helped my Star when her arthritis reared it's ugly head, 1/4 tsp a day and she was jumping again! (actually didn't measure it, bad me, just let her stick her head in the jar and eat all she wanted, lol she was always at a good weight, so I didn't worry)

  3. Or maybe Mom could just provide a little step that gets you much closer to the counter???? Hee-hee, we have them all over our house!

    1. We have a number of those too, it's that this bathroom is really small, so a step isn't really feasible.

  4. Oh Toby, don't worry. It happens to everycat. But to mom, it's really hard to see our fur babies get older. I hope meds would help xoxo

  5. Oh Toby darlin' thank goodness you didn't hurt your handsome tush.
    Sometimes calculations can be off due to unseen obstacles. Mom often wonders how I know when there is something just out of my sight on the counter or the table.
    Hugs madi your bfff
    Somehow I'm know and move to another area for my jump!!

  6. Maybe your human is right, and some arthritis meds would be helpful so you can make those jumps better!

  7. It is hard being a perfectionist, isn't it Toby.. you wanted to land just right and you over thought it.. really, that's all.

  8. It's embarrassing when that happens when you are being watched. I can still jump up okay but my mum has moved a chair to help me when I jump from my cat tree onto the PC.

  9. I think someone broke in and raised the counter!

  10. Toby, I hate to admit it, but this has happened to me too. The only thing worse is if your mom had photo or video evidence of this. ~Wally

  11. There comes a time when SOME high places get higher than they used ta be. In such cases, a little help is allowed.

  12. I am sure, really I am, that the humans make things higher up and further away on purpose!! It's like a conspiracy or something!! Never mind Toby! At least she didn't catch it on camera!!!

  13. Yeah it is sometimes so hard to watch your pet getting older and understand that someday he'll be too old. I hope everything is OK there ( even with jumps and landing). Best wishes to you!

  14. Sorry, Toby. I used to have the same problem (gravity, you know). Even now that I've lost weight, I still don't like to try, so if there isn't something around I can use as a step up, I don't bother. No sense in embarrassing myself, is what I say.

  15. Toby darling...mommy noticed that I (I am 8 we think) (going on 9 soon) watch carefully and deliberately for a second, figuring how to make the leap to the bathroom sink. So far so good. Once I didn't make it to the desk in the kitchen but mom said in fairness to me...she had polished it within an inch of its life. Sure enough....when she skips polishing the desk, I can leap up there to patrol. Mom is already feeling some sadness that I won't make it maybe after another year. It is hard to see us age

  16. Aw, Toby, we understand. That's happened a few times here, and it IS kind of embarrassing. Mom and Dad got us some steps and stools that help if we aren't feeling up to a mighty jump. Hugs.