Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Tiny Tabby Girl Thursday

Well, I'm a bit hissed off at the moment, furriends. And it's all MOM'S FAULT!

She's getting very fussy over Toby these days. "Oh, you aren't eating enough!" 

"Oh, no, Leia, you can't eat from his plate too, like you've done for AGES, because then he will walk away!"

" No, Leia, you can't give him a good nip on his meaty porkchop thighs (seriously, those things are sooo tempting, you have no idea) because he's got this thing called art-hrit-is and it might hurt him."

Phooey! What about ME?? Is there no other cat in this house?? When did it become all about him?

Hmpf. I'm going back to sleep. 


  1. Sometimes sharing the spotlight can be soooooo challenging!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher,
    Honorary Kit-cat
    PS: thanks for stopping by the blog!

  2. Leia, we sometimes feel your pain. Us boys get the shaft sometimes because our high maintenance sisters have all of these so called "special needs." But we know that our parents really do love us too because they give us lots of cuddles and lovin. We know your mom loves you lots too!!!

  3. Well, that's just not right, Leia. Your mom shouldn't play favorites. She should give you treats!

  4. Aw, we're sorry, Leia. No matter what, your Mom loves you lots. We swear!

  5. Poor Leia. My sis Caroline feels the same way, if that gives you any comfort (right now it's all Elliott all the time). And except for the food thing. It's that little chubbette Izzy who has to be constantly shooed away from everybody's food. But other than that, she feels very neglected these days.

  6. All us cats here feel neglected! We all think the other one gets too much attention. Well, except Boodie - she worries when she gets too much of that.

  7. If you are good and don't nip those pork chop thighs, maybe you will get some extra treats as a reward.

  8. Leia, pretty girl...just learn to mess with Toby when the peeps aren't watching!

  9. Oh says men of any species are P I T I F U L when they feel poorly
    Bless your heart come on up here.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  10. oh that's just wrong. You should get extra treats to make up for not being able to nibble what you want