Sunday, January 24, 2016

Mancat Monday

Happy Monday! Mom says this week should be a lot warmer, plus no ice. We hope that's true for all our furriends. Except for our Siberian furriends, we know how much THEY love this weather.

Anyway, here I am, reporting from the bathroom counter. Mom has convinced me that IMPAWTANT senior kittehs, such as myself, deserve special lift treatment to get up here.

So now I graciously - if I do meow it myself - accept a lift up. From here, I supervise the cleaning of the litter and whatnot. Plus, Mom kinda has to wait until *I'm* ready to bring me down, since she's afraid I'll jump and hurt something. (ok, except for those times when she's ready sooner than I am and brings me down early. Just another indignity).

Yep, the Life of a Senior Kitteh does have its perks!

And now, a special meow from Leia:

Boy kittehs. Babies, the whole lot of them!!


  1. We understand all about the senior kittehs getting special treatment. We guess they need it but we are still going to call them names, eh! Ear scritches to all the felines!

  2. Toby, we get lifts up too...we call them "elevator rides." It's not because we're senior kitties, it's because we're spoiled rotten. ;)

  3. We are expecting warmer week here, too, and I'm very happy about it :-)
    Toby, you sure deserve a special treatment. Your mom is happy to lift you up and down as you like!

  4. Toby, maybe Mommy can get you some sort of step stool? We got one for Moosey when he got older, and could no longer jump up himself. He LOVED the bathroom counter, and the stool was a big hit with him. He used it all the time! :)

  5. Considering what a crazy daredevil Binga is at her age, Leia, I may have to agree with you!

  6. My mum thought I was slowing up the other day and has been giving me a lift up onto the bed. I told her I was quite capable, thank you very much. I showed her a couple of days later when I was having the zoomies and leapt right up to the top of my cat tree from the ground without using any of the platforms.

  7. MOL MOL MOL dare the entire male species to call US drama queens.
    Toby I decided to jump on the bed last night about midnight...Mom asked me how was that an 11.8 lb cat feels like an elephant when she lands
    Hugs madi your bfff

  8. Humans just love to spoil kitties, Toby, but I'm glad you have agreed to the extra lifts up and down. I think Leia may want to play smacky paws with you, however...

  9. Wow, I sure wish I was allowed up on the counter like that. I'll bet you have a great snoopervising-type of view from up there!
    Thanks for thinking about us Sibes and how much we love snow! We really do. Not the ice, though. Even we slippy-slip in that and can't go on long walks!
    Leia, that is SUCH a lady-like pose!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  10. Leia, I know that Caroline would totally agree with you. But us boys, we're with Toby. Even the younger ones!

  11. Boys are babies, but I love all my kitties.