Friday, June 26, 2009

Finally Friday!

Good morning everykitteh! It's finally Friday and we're all purrrring about that. Just a few more hours and our Mom bean gets to be home with us for two whole days! Then we get lots of attention and head scritches. Until then, here's us being all snuggly and sleepy. Best way to spend a Finally Friday!!!


  1. Hi! We read about you guys over at Zoolatry for Friends Friday! So nice to meet you! We are the Creek Cats and we love company, so stop by and see us sometime.

  2. HI! We read about you on Zoolatry and had to come and visit!!! It is so nice to meet you both! We LOVE the name of your blog! Come and visit uSSSSS!

  3. Zoolatry sent us, too! Welcome to the blogosphere! We are the Gray Boys, Gandalf and Grayson. Very pleased to meet you! You'll see a lot of Whitey and a few of our kitty cousins on our blog, too!

  4. There's something special about two kitties snuggled together... It looks like the most comfortable position in all the world!
    I don't have any brothers or sisters though :-(