Monday, October 12, 2009


Well, gentle kittehs of the CB, it's been a long weekend of napping and snoopervising the Mom's activities. Which wasn't much, since she was especially lazy and therefore boring. No mini disasters, traumas or even stubbed toe (which might have led to us learning some new and interesting werds. We are learning kittehs - we like to expand our vocabulary).

So here we are on Monday morning again. The Mom is off to werk, we're settling in for a long morning's sleep, and we wish all of you out there a giganormously wonderful week!!

PS: Keep Mr. Tigger in your purrayers. Looks like he was spotted near their home, so we are very hopeful to have good news this week.

PPS: Auntie Deb is having surgery today. She needs purrrayers too. Thanks!


  1. Lazy weekends are the best! We hope you guys have a furry great week! We are purring very hard for Mr. Tigger and Auntie Deb!

  2. We have been quite lazy too. Must be the weather. Our purrers are working overtime too!!

  3. Hi Whiskeratti,

    I had a lazy weekend, too. The biggest event we had was getting snow about a month early. It's good that Mr. Tigger was seen and that Samantha is home.

  4. Sometimes the best weekends are the ones that you got nothing to do...

    We hope Mr. Tigger comes home soon!!!

  5. Lazy weekends are ok, as long as there are plenty of cuddles!