Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away


Yes, Toby?

It's raining. Please make it stop. Thanks!

Umm... I can't, O Great Fuzzy Orange One.

Of course you can! I've seen you turn off the waters inside the house. So you can make this stop too.

I appreciate the faith you have in me, Tobers, but I really, really can't make it stop.

But our furs are getting all wet when we go on the porch! MAKE IT STOP!

Ok.. how 'bout I close the front door? Best I can do.

(sulks off under the bed) Hoomins! Useless! Seriously.


  1. At least rainy days are good for napping!

  2. Our mom doesn't have the superpower to turn off the rains either. So not fair!
    But, Jasper is right, it's furry good for napping!

  3. We just keep on going to different doors, hoping we score and find the door into summer. It doesn't work, but we keep trying.

  4. An Autumn chill in the air, with a drop of rain. I prefer Spring--but a nap is good anytime!