Saturday, October 10, 2009

She STOLE our bug!!

We, Toby and Leia, are absolutely furious with our Mom. She took our bug!!! That was OUR BUG! We were enjoying a late Caturday afternoon on the porch, when the bug hopped into our space. We started playing with it; Mom noticed we were up to something. Leia got really enthusiastic. I tried to tell her to chill out, not be so obvious but she just didn't listen to me.

So Mom came and helped the bug get away through the porch door. UNFAIR! We demand a new bug!

Later, when she's asleep, we're gonna go shed all over her. Hmpf.


  1. Our Dad took a picture of a bug like that the other day. He didn't let us play with it either.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  2. All bugs that wander in should be fair game. No exceptions.

  3. WHY in the world do Moms do that? Our Mom will not let us play with cute little bugs, either.
    We hope you found a new one.
    ~ The Bunch

  4. That bug looks SO CRUNCHY!!! What's wrong with these humans. :(

  5. Well we are very lucky, our mom lets us play with the bugs. But they usually get away anyway. But it is a pretty bug.