Thursday, June 24, 2010

Uh Oh

Toby, Toby, Toby (shakes head sadly).
You're in trouble AGAIN. What did he do, you ask? I'll tell you...

He JUMPED ON THE STOVE this morning.
Happily it was off and cold but can you imagine if it wasn't?

Why? He wanted the Mom's attention and
she was wrestling with the garbage can. He's an impatient Orange Cat, for sure.

Anyway, she got very upset and scolded him, and he
went off and sulked for awhile.

Reporting to you live -
the good kitteh,


  1. Yes, our human always is concerned about kitties who are allowed to walk all over the stove--worried about somehow getting burned or lighting fur on fire. Yikes!

    Toby, stay off! Our human uses a water squirt bottle--she just has to pick it up and shake it at all and we scatter.

  2. I am always getting into trouble for jumping on to the stove when it's hot. One day - ouch - I don't like to think about it. FAZ

  3. Oh, that naughty boy. I think the feared squirt gun is the only solution!

  4. We have worried about the kitties jumping up on the stove,but luckily ours has a safety lock, and it's nearly impossible for a jumping kitty to turn on a burner.




  5. We have never tried jumping on the stove, but if we did we would be in big trouble.

  6. Allie does that sometimes and Mom gets furry upset. Fortunatly, it's never been on when Allie does it either.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  7. Ernie jumps on the stove alot yells at him, but is just grateful that the stove isn't on...once he did jump on it when it had been on and he burnt his foot! Don't do that any more, Toby!!

  8. Tober's AAB here. . . let's see if I can post while he's not looking.
    My Oreo started to jump in the OVEN one time when I opened it to check on a cake! I knocked the poor guy on his butt when he tried to jump up and then we had hugs and kisses later. Luckily our stovetop is off by itself, and the cats never get too curious.

  9. If I even THINK about jumping up on the counters my mom levels a MIGHTY FROWN in my general direction. I dare not!

  10. Oh dear, that is REALLY scary! We are so, so glad that the oven wasn't on. Please, Toby, stay off of that thing!

  11. We stay offa the stove. Mommy has the shreikey teapot up there and we detest it!

  12. None of us jumps on the stove. I think Binga did once. Not that this makes us GOOD kitties....

  13. Ooh that scared our Mummy! Thank goodness it was off!