Monday, July 5, 2010

The Kitteh Who Came Before

Today we're going to remember the Cat Who Came Before, Yasmina. She came into the Mom's life at the vet clinic where she worked. Mina was an eight week old tot who was abandoned by her former hoomins there. She went in for the first set of shots and just never got picked up again.

Even as a kitten, Mina was intensely regal. She didn't play... didn't chase jingly balls... ignored the danglies with supreme disdain. She did develop an interest in hanging out with the Mom's baby niece in the baby crib - or maybe it was the baby bottle that attracted her. (No, this was not encouraged and eventually Mina stopped). And she always had the softest fur imaginable. Mom swears she's never felt anything else like it.

Sadly, she developed this thing called "cystitis" at an early age and had to always be on the special foods. And there was a lifelong tendency to pee in the wrong places, but Mom says she just accepted it as part of the Mina package since nothing she tried fixed that (and is extremely grateful that neither Leia or I have this habit).

Mom tells us stories about her sometimes. Mina was an amazing cat, beautiful, soft and intelligent, but she didn't play well with others. When she was fifteen years old, she had to be helped to the Bridge.

And that is the story of the Kitteh Who Came Before.

- Toby


  1. She lived a good long life, though, in spite of that cystitis.

    We're glad she had your mom, can't imagine how humans can simply abandon their fur companions like that.

  2. Mina was a gorgeous kitty, very regal looking for sure. How sad her former humans abandoned her like that. But, it was a blessing in disguise because she got a wonderful home with your mom!

  3. Mina was such a pretty girl! It's sad when the humans do things like just abandon their kitties. But, Mina had a good and happy life.

  4. Blogger ate our comments...
    We said we were so happy that you introduced us to Mina. She certainly was a special lady cat. We are happy to know that your kind heart took her in after someone so callously 'left' her. We don't understand doing something like that. WE are glad you spent 15 years with her, and that you have such special cherished memories.

    Now we are gonna cross our paws and hope mean blogger doesn't eat these comments.


  5. Mina was a beautiful girl! We are happy your Mom had 15 lovely years with her.

    Most of us Cats were "dumpers", and our Mommy wouldn't trade us for the world!

  6. Mina sounds like she was a very special kitty! I'm glad your human made such a nice home for her.

  7. What a sweetie Mina was!! It's nice to remember those that came before. Thanks for sharing Mina's story with us.

  8. Mina looked like a lovely cat. We are glad she had a happy forever home with your mum.

  9. She was lucky to be taken home by your mum. I wonder why her people left her behind???

  10. I'm glad Mina found a home with your mom. She was a very pretty girl.

  11. 'Rents always hold the Ones Who Came Before close in their hearts, it's part of why we're so loved today!