Saturday, July 3, 2010

A New Toy

Looky!! This is our newest toy from Cat Faeries. It just arrived yesterday. It's a 9 inch twig with leaves, with primo nip, AND it makes a pawsome crinkly sound when we attack it. Purrrfect for bunny kicking, too.

Mom opened it up and called out - first to arrive gets it first. That was me!! Here I am, taking it under the bed so Toby couldn't steal it from me. He did get his turn later though.

PS: This is a tricky weekend for a lot of us kittehs (and woofies). Lots of noisy things will happen tonight and mostly tomorrow night. We plan on finding a nice, cozy place under the bed or maybe in the closet to hide.


  1. That's a cool toy! Mommy saved the website...maybe we'll get something cool from Sandy Claws!

    We have the closet all staked out to hide in tonight...

  2. We know it's going to be loud around here too. We are not looking forward to it as it makes us go run and hide....

    Happy Fourth!


  3. Hi Whiskeratti,

    Thank you for visiting me on Friday!

    We had loud fireworks on July 1 which is Canada Day and my kitties didn't like it (except Casper didn't mind because he's deaf). I hope tomorrow you find a snuggly place to hide if you get scared.

    Happy Fourth :-)

  4. That looks like a fun toy - what I can see of it (and you) peeking out from under the bed!

  5. We live in the country so there's only a few bangs here and there. I like your new toy btw. Have fun playing with it.

  6. What a great new toy! I hope you'll both be safe during those nasty fireworks this weekend.

  7. That toy looks like fun!!

    We'll be in the closet tonight too!! Happy 4th of July!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  8. Hi there! I'm visiting from the Blog Hop & wanted to stop in & say hi. Have fun with your new toy & don't be too scared of those nasty noisy firecrackers tonight! meow