Sunday, July 25, 2010

Leia's Tummy

Good moring, furriends! It's way too hot here; we're only able to get Porch Time in the early morning for a few minutes. Mom says the "heat index" was at 110 yesterday. We're not sure what that means, but we do know it means HOT HOT HOT!!

Anyway, Mom was telling me last night how much she luffs my tummy floof. She loves the shading - I've got white, black, gray and cinnamon all mixing together. Then she always wants to snorgle my floof! Hoomins. The things we kittehs must endure.

Stay cool.


  1. We can see why your mom loves your tummy floof! You're gorgeous, Leia.

    Wow, 110F is HOT for sure! Here in southern Ontario our temps and humidex factor (humidex is how we define it in Canada) is reaching into the high 90s in our area, hotter in big cities like Toronto. We're wilting! But 110F? Yikes! Definitely stay cool!

  2. We have had rain and cool for the last two weeks but today is hotter, about 68F. When we get above 75, that is too hot for us.We would melt at 110!
    You have lovely colours and a lovely floofy tummy.
    Yes that is a new header which Ann from Zoolatry made for us.

  3. You do have unique tummy floof. My mom loves to snorgle my tummy, too.

  4. That's really really hot! That's stay inside by the cold air blowing thingy hot. But I'd be doing that anyway...

  5. Leia, your tummy isn't the only part of you that's adorable, BTW!
    Belly up is the best way to stay cool, isn't it?

  6. Leia
    You made my Momma go:

    You have a gorgeous tummy!



  7. Wow, it is WAY too hot where you are, Leia! I hope it cools off soon so you can have more porch time.

  8. Same here. Everything furry is irresistible, We want to snorgle your tummy too.

  9. That is a cute tummy you have, Leia. Humans have a hard time resisting cute.