Saturday, December 4, 2010


Yeaa for Caturday! Even if it's still chilly - Mom says the fix it people finally have the part, and will be out Wednesday to put it in. Tuesday, if someone else cancels. We're really hoping someone cancels!

In other news...

Mom says I've (Toby) lost weight since we started mostly gushy foods. We still get a little kibble, though that's more because she wants to make sure we eat plenty while it's so cold here. She thinks maybe I've lost it more quickly than I should have, but she isn't sure what to do about that. We both go through days where we eat less, so she's broken out the Fancy Feast to mix in with our Wellness grain free.

Oh, and she also mumbles bad words when she has to toss out the gushy we don't eat... something abut how expensive it is... and the FF helps us eat more, so we waste less.

Hey - do we know what we're doing or what?? Hoomins CAN be trained!


  1. Hurrah for the heaty thing getting fixed...soon!
    We all lost weight eating canned fudz, Grayce lost TWO pounds! She was a tub-o-lard.

  2. Me and Simba will eat anything. Ok, I will eat anything........especially mums chocolate hee he

  3. Thanks COD to know your heating getting fixed !!!!
    I'm lost weight too but because the weather is so hot here ! I just keep drink the water.
    You guys are opposite. So Be good ! Listen to your mom..and eat up !

  4. We are glad your heating will soon be fixed.
    I have lost 3lbs since mum changed us to all stinky goodness and no dry kibble. She would like me to lose another 2-3lbs but I don't want to starve!

  5. ohhh my, what are you doing without heat for so long? I feel so bad for you!! How are you keeping warm?

  6. We have space heaters, an electric blankie, and Mom has sealed up the house as much as possible.

  7. Hehe, you keep meowing at them until you get what you want, sweetie!

  8. It's about time you guys were able to get that heater fixed! Good thing you all have fur.

  9. Humans don't understand food, has to smell just right - not too good and not too bad. FAZ

  10. You guys are good!!!
    Sure hope someone cancels so the part can be installed on Tuesday!