Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Countdown to ChrissyMouse, Interrupted

I have *never* been treated so shamefully, people. Not once, in all my years with my Mom, has this ever happened. She IGNORED me. Absolutely, completely ignored me. I ran back and forth, jumping on the bed, the couch, the table, trying to get her attention.

Nada. Zippo.

Why? Does it matter? Fine - she was looking for that silly girl kitteh Leia, because she disappeared and Mom couldn't find her. I think she said something about her maybe having gotten outside, off the Porch while we had our Porch Time tonight. And she was getting all worked up about it, getting out the flashlight and all. Finally Leia wandered out from wherever she was.

Oh no, don't go getting all kissy-face on me now, hoomin. Too late!

Hmpf. Time for the Back of Disrespect.


  1. When are the humans going to learn that 100% of their attention belongs to us?

  2. My human is always "losing" one of us and thinking we got out! And the couple of times Binga really HAS gotten out, she didn't even notice! But yeah, she goes into all sorts of panic until we decide to show our face again.

  3. We're sure your Mom will make it up to you. Somehow.

  4. Oh no, poor you. Have a little nap then when you wake up you will probably feel happy to forgive and forget your hoomans mistake and allow cuddles and kisses xx

  5. We are sure your Mom will make it up to you.
    One time Mom thought Boo got out and she got all worked up about it too, even went out looking for Boo in her PJ's. Turns out Boo was in the closet and Jinx told Dad.

    MOm was so happy to see Boo she couldn't be mad.


  6. If the human bean snooses when I want petting, the human looses! There's consiquences. I give her the back o' disrespect too.

  7. We don't blame you for being upset. Totally unacceptable! But we are glad that Leia was found...

    We hope you have a nice Chrissymouse