Tuesday, September 13, 2011

No Fleas, Please, We're Kittehs! **

"If Fleas Had Feelings"

Could it really be?
Mused the flea,
That I'm not entirely liked?
It's with some despair,
That I roam this hair,
With my interest quite clearly spiked.

I can run, I can jump,
Over mighty high bumps,
But this really is bothering me.
I'm nice most of the time.
I mean, is that a crime?
So why are they harrasing me?

Even the cat,
Where we live in our flat,
Doesn't tell us to leave right away.
But then maybe because,
He can't talk he just does,
Tolerate us through the day.

How nice to be loved,
By those up above,
And maybe here's what I should do.
Jump up on her leg,
And then pleadingly beg,
Before she hits me, head on, with her shoe.

Well here goes I guess,
I can't be liked less,
Jump up and I'm free of the cat.
She's seen me I'm sure,
As she stares at the floor,
"Hello Person, I've just come to"...SPLAT!

©2002 Gareth Lancaster

Well, we've been treated for fleas at lunch today. Never high on our Happy List, but it's a lot better than getting the bitey from those nasty little things.

**Mom ripped off our title from a play title. Anyone know it? :)


  1. Living in Colorado, we don't have flea problems. Has something to do with our semi-arid climate.

    Stay safe from those little critters.

  2. We don't know the play title, but the poem was lots of fun to read. Fleas sure are icky. We hope that treatment works, and FAST!

    Have a great, flea-free day. :)

  3. We don't have fleas here, they must be awful! Mommy says she doesn't know the play. WTG, Mommy.

  4. We like that poem! You have reminded mum that we should have had the icky stuff put on our necks yesterday. Now she has put it on the worktop so she doesn't forget it in the morning. Thanks a bunch!!!

  5. We don't know the poem or the play. Please post what play as the mommy is curious. Purrs.

  6. We haven't had fleas in a LOOONG time - paws crossed!

  7. Me, I prefer the Flea Treatment more than Flea Bath !!!! My pawrent used to forgot to do it, and I have to do Flea Bath in Winter !!!!
    So now every time, they give me Flea Treatment, I do purrs : )

  8. I don't know the play either but I thought this poem was quite clever and fun!

  9. Poor kids! Fleas are no fun at all. :-(

  10. Fleas stink! The flea treatment is much better than the alternative!