Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The War Continues

Furriends, the War on Fleas is not going as well as we'd hoped. Our initial strategy was progressing very nicely, but the enemy regrouped and struck back. So now we've entered the trenches to duke it out.

Mom is determined that we will emerge victorious, so she's been adding to our arsenal with daily vaccuming, mopping of hard floors, flea combing multiple times every day. She's stripped our house of as many hiding/laying egg places as possible: pillows, drapes, heavy bedding. Anywhere and everywhere the nasty buggers can hide, we're hitting them.

Wanna hang out in a crevice? No problem! She's got cleaning attachments for that. Entrenching your bitey little butts in the furry blankie? Just try it. It's being washed and tucked away in plastic till this is over.

We do draw the line at chemical warfare, except for Advantage. Mom gets the heebie jeebies over chemicals. She's so worried we might get poisoned or something.

PS: We're sending out very strong purrayers for Ginger and family. He has some medical issues.


  1. Fleas! Mommy remembers those!
    Yuck! Sprinkling Borax in the carpet and leaving the house overnight and then vacumming will get the eggs out of the carpet. Vinegar in the cracks and liquid soap on the floor in dishes can get them too.
    Good luck!

  2. Getting rid of a serious flea infestation is really a pain. It's been a long time since we've had to deal with that, paws crossed!

  3. Good luck - so far ours have stuck to the kittens....

  4. You can come over here till the war is over - We don't have fleas in Nevada.

  5. Oof, we're wishing you tonnes of luck!

  6. Good luck with the rear guard action. FAZ