Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Flat Iron vs. Kitteh

Moms. They get upset so easily, don't they?

Just because I jumped up into the middle of her doing her hair
(she was doing this strange thing she calls "flat ironing")
she gets all crazypants about it.

Yeah, I knew there was a hot thingie there, but so what?

I also knew she'd never let me get hurt.

That's another thing Moms are good at.

- Toby


  1. Ha! We run from the mom's hair appliances....LOL.

  2. My human does not use a flat iron, but I bet she could burn herself with one easily, even without my help!

  3. The Mommy always burns herself to keep the flat iron from burning us! She uses HBO words when she does.

  4. Yes, the mom and the dad get all upset over the silliest stuff here, too! Humans are so weird.

  5. true - on all counts! Hey, can we see your face, Toby? We miss pics of you all.

  6. Toby, How come ? Mommy don't appreciate BEST HAIR DRESSER ! Like us !...we are a professional ! BEST OF THE BEST !
    Next time, could you please take a photo of your art work. ( hair )... Tee..heh..heh just imagine, I have to laugh

  7. Hi Guys!
    Me is feeling better, but me is far from 100%. Me is sure me is so good from alls the Purrayers and Good wishes and love from my friends.
    Thanks yous guys for stopping by!