Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Monster Hunters International

Ok, because we are such gracious felines, we've decided to allow our Mom to post something. Take it away, Mom! WE are going back to sleep.

I love the Monster Hunters International book series by Larry Correia, and I'm an avid follower of his blog. He's done quite well, and his career was made successful by word of mouth and fan support. He's very accessible to his fans, something I appreciate very much.

MHI is all about guns and killing the bad things we always suspected were under our beds, but our parents swore couldn't be. Vampires, werewolves, zombies, anything with a body or exoskeleton that can be verified to the federal government to receive a bounty, or PUFF. Larry is extremely well versed in gun culture and mechanics, having owned a gun store for many years, so he gets the details right. He has an awesome imagination and his writing style is very fast paced, and engaging. No one will ever get bored reading his books.

MHI has grown to be enormously popular, and as a result there are many fan questions. Such as, how much PUFF on a werewolf? That kind of thing. To answer the many burning issues, Larry is working on a Monster Hunter International Employee Handbook and Roleplaying Game. He's using Kickstarter to fund the project. It's a month long, and he has asked his fans to get the word out to help him fund this project. I'll be kicking in some green papers on Friday myself. (PS: I don't do the games myself, it's the Handbook I really want).

Because I'm a devoted fan, I'm helping to spread the word. Below you will find links to his blog, Kickstarter and more details on the Employee Handbook. Now, given that many of the CB are women, as I am, you may well ask yourself why you should be interested in books about guns.

Myself, I know nothing about guns, and tend to skip most of those details. What I love are many of his characters, ESPECIALLY Agent Franks (actually Frankenstein's Monster) of the government Monster Control Bureau, and Earl Harbinger, head of MHI. Who is, by the way, a werewolf. But he's a good werewolf.

I love Larry's sense of humor and the way he turns the usual fairy tales on their heads. You won't believe what he's done with the elves, for example. Legolas & Galadriel, they ain't. My point being, all you need is to love imagination and good writing, and you will find a lot to appreciate in his books.

So, perhaps you already like his work and didn't know this was happening... maybe your husband/boyfriend/son loves it and would like to know.. or maybe you just want to pick up something new for your Kindle. Please check it out!


Larry's blog
Kickstarter Project
Handbook details

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