Friday, October 12, 2012

One of My Great Loves

I have a special love. I've had it since I was a kitten tot.

My Mommy's Hair.

The world was pretty big when I adopted her.

Her hair was a very safe, warm place to sleep.

And I've never stopped. Although now I have to
be satisfied with just sticking my head in her hair.

The world didn't get any bigger, but I sure did.   :)


  1. Awww, that's sweet. Our human's hair isn't long enough, but we still manage to walk all over it and pull it during the night. LOL.

  2. Gandalf was barely 1/4 pound when I got him. He use to love to climb up and wrap himself around my neck.

    He is now a bit over 14 pounds.

    He still likes to climb up and wrap himself around my neck.

    But he's too heavy.

    And I can't breathe!


  3. I love to climb up on the chair behind mom and nibble on her hair. She isn't a fan....not sure why.

  4. My human's hair is just meh. The cat before me used to love it, though! She would chew on it and floss with it.

  5. Glogirly's hair is alright....but Gloman's always has some icky gunk in it. Bleh!
    ; ) Katie