Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Serious Face

Do you see it?

I mean business here, furriends!

I'm doing the most critical task any feline can do - supervising the preparation of the noms.
This happens to be the evening noms, but it's the same face I use for all meals.

And really, it takes FOREVER these days.
She always has to wash out the bowls first,
then open a fresh can, then put it in the bowls.

And then carry it to the buffet area.
I have to be with her every step of the way - y'all understand!

I'm just exhausted by the time I get to eat.


  1. It is not right that you are kept waiting for your noms. They should be there the minute you demand them.

  2. Me done that too. My mom said that look is the look of da boss :)
    Enjoy your meal !

  3. I feel your pain, Toby! I just hope your mom understands the gravity of that look!

  4. That is one serious face. Our mom goes through that same process so we understand how you feel.

  5. That IS a lot of work, Toby! More than my human does! She dumps the food in the dish, puts the dish on the kitchen floor and I eat and hopefully nobody steals it and I finish early enough to check out what Binga and Boodie are eating.

  6. Toby, we understand. Totally. Our mom and dad are a little sloth-y with the food prep, too...

  7. That's a very impawtant job you're doing. I totally get you. Mom is like that too. Meow!

  8. We really have to wait to eat. The dogs get fed first and then us. We could die of starvation before our bowls are passed out.