Monday, September 1, 2014

Yak Attack!

I tend to have yak attacks in the wee hours. On the bed, of course, cuz that is where the Mom sleeps and I usually sleep there too, on the pillows. So when the need hits -

It did the other night. I haven't had one in weeks, but around 4:30 am, it was time. The pre-noises always wake Mom up and she grabs the towel from the bed for me to barf on****. We struggled about me using it, but in the end she got it mostly under the yak.

Until the morning light when she realized I got a fair amount on the wall.

I'm so proud! SCORE!!!

**** BTW, that is just embarrassing. I don't approve - can you believe she keeps a clean towel on the bed EVERY FREAKIN' night now?? I hate throwing up on that thing, it's just not right. She started that a month or so ago after one bad week, when my efforts made her change the sheets two nights in a row, around 4 am. Well, when she did the other night, after I sat there recovering, I just turned my head and gave her The Look. Let her know I did not appreciate the towel. At all.


  1. Keep the wall trick! That was great!

  2. Dude. You ROCK. Our peeps try to get a washcloth under us when we yak which is SO uncool...

  3. Good job on getting the wall! She can have all the towels she wants, but you keep aiming for the wall! :)

  4. OMC ! Must be horror scene for your mom, but MOL for me :)
    Plus purrs for you , hope nothing serious

  5. at least you still get to sleep on the bed. I am not allowed to sleep there. I have my special place with heating on the lounge.

  6. That is masterful! We've gotta remember that wall trick!