Saturday, September 27, 2014

Recovery in Progress (we hope)

Well, I'm two days into my pills. 
Today I had a..... umm.... accident on the kitchen floor. 
(Mom's just glad it was on the linoleum and not on the carpet.)

But she's a good egg, said not to worry about it. Stuff happens.

The Stabby Place lady said it was typical of UTI sufferers. 

Anyway, I'm just trying to take it easy here
and soak up some sun. Sadly, this house doesn't
get much direct sun so the sunpuddles aren't so very great.

We hope everyone has a great Caturday and weekend.

PS: Our furriend Flynn is having some troubles too.
Please go by and visit him and his family.


  1. We're missing a lot, not blogging right now. We're glad to read you're improving and are sending you tons of healing purrs.

  2. Hope you are soon feeling better. Thank you for your good thoughts for me.

  3. It'll take a little while for the meds to kick in...we sure hope you're feeling better soon.

  4. I am sending lots of purrs to help you heal, Toby!

  5. Toby, me send you mega purrs
    (( hug ))

  6. one sunpuddle is as good as another. Except they tend to move.

  7. We sure hope those pills work some wonders, Toby, and that you're back to 100 percent real soon. Sending purrs and prayers for you, dear pal!