Sunday, April 12, 2015

Easy Sunday

So here is what Toby is doing today:

Gotta admit, that is a fine 'roo impression.
Now, *I*, on the other paw, am hard at work:
I'm consulting with the warrior statue on impawtant security matters.
We have briefings every day, he and I.
If we left this sort of thing to Toby, he'd just sleep through all of it.
And Mom has a small PSA to pass on to fellow Petsmart shoppers:
If you need any Pill Pockets, they are on sale today for buy one, get one half off.
At least here in Fayetteville they are. And since she had a $5 coupon from the last trip,
that made an especially good deal for her. That woman LUFFS her coupons & discounts.


  1. Cute selfies :) Thanks for the ill pocket info, I wish I had a Pet Smart nearby.

  2. Me to think you both looks good!

    Happy Easy SUNday :)

  3. Cats with jobs! Where do I sign up Angel and Chuck?

  4. Looking good, both of you! Our Mom and Dad luff a good bargain, too. :)

  5. We feel really secure knowing you and warrior statue are on the job, Leia.