Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Not Funny, Mom

See what we have to put up with???
In other, more interesting news...
Mom found us two bits that were pretty amazing:

She agrees with those who think this kitteh is not a bobcat after all, but a bigger kitteh.

And this amazing clip of a jaguar swimming:


  1. Well, that turtle is pretty cute, just not nearly as cute as you. :-)

    We saw something about the bobcat/shark online today, but not the other. Haven't read any specific details or comments, though!

  2. Why do moms torture us so?

    I LOVED seeing the black jaguar swimming. I'm pretty sure he's a relative of mine. :-)

  3. My human agrees about the so-called bobcat - it looks more like a mountain lion!

  4. Humans have the strangest sense of humor.

  5. Mums do like to put things on us when we are relaxing. We should do the same to them and see how they like it.

  6. but but but.. this photo has two of my favorite things.. cats and turtles.. it makes me very happy.