Friday, April 10, 2015

I TOLD You I Was Fine!!

But Moms - and probably not Dads either - they never listen to us, do they?

I got hauled off to the Stabby Place today because Mom thought I hadn't ... excuse me... peed since 5 pm yesterday. Turns out I was just fine, she clearly mistook my output for one of Toby's. She was told kittehs on Prednisone produce more. Usually she's pretty good about telling which of us did what.

Well, confused hoomins are nothing new to any feline!

Gotta say, it ruined a purrfectly nice morning. I was all comfy upstairs with Toby on the bed when she comes home for lunch, an hour ahead of schedule, and tricks me into letting her grab me and force me into the PTU. Off we go, where Stabby Place lady finds just a tiny bit in my bladder. See? I was fine!

On a side note, I'm now almost supermodel skinny - just under 7 lbs. Last vet visit, January of 2013, I was almost 10. She was quite surprised about that too. We will just file that under Nothing New here.

And finally, an update on Toby - the Pred is working its magic and he is not limping anymore. We are all glad about that. My orange BFF is just not an adversary worthy of my steel (claws, that is!) when he's gimpy. Takes all the fun right out of it.



  1. Leia, glad to hear you are in the pink! And Toby, you be a good boy and eat your pill-pocket full of helpful meds! Tell you mom that I found a container of pill paste's bacon flavored!...and it's cheaper than pill pockets. Like edible Playdoh, you smoosh it around the pill or capsule, and so far it's worked like a charm on our Chucky, who is taking CannaCompanion for his arthritis/constipation/anxiety.

  2. Glad you are OK but I hope both of you are and you...please don't lose more weight?

  3. Oh Leia, I'm sorry you had to go to the evil v-e-t. You should have pooped on the v-e-t or at least the table like I did. :) ~Zoey

  4. Hey, you are all supposed to be well and not worry your mom!

  5. Humans are such worry warts, right, Leia? We are glad that you are a-okay, though.

    Nice to hear that Toby's doing well on that pred, too.


  6. I'm glad Toby is feeling better! I can't believe your human dragged you into the vet for no reason, Leia! My human vaguely knows what a full bladder feels like, so she is always checking... sheesh, humans!

  7. Hauled you off to the hospital for nothin' at all? Awww.... MOUSES!


  8. Good to hear about the all around fine. Did you at least get some treats for tolerating the Stabby Place waste of time?

  9. Relieved that all is well with you Leia, sending purrs to Toby...