Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Kittehs in the Store!

Mom had to go to a local trophy shop today for her work. And she was THRILLED to find:

 Barney, Team Lead

Girl Kitteh Trouble, his Associate in Training. 

Here they are discussing some professional issues:

Mom had no idea they lived here and was THRILLED to see them. We hear she did all kinds of squealing and couldn't even keep her mind on the reason she went there in the first place.

We think purrhaps a bit TOO thrilled. Just sayin'.


  1. Toby and Leia, we humans cannot help ourselves! When we see cats, we squee. It's because you two are so lovable, makes your momma love all cats. Yep, you cats have trained your humans to love ALL cats.

  2. How cool! Now my human wants to go there... she may need a plane ticket!

  3. That was a lovely surprise to see those kitties there.

  4. Kitties in the trophy shop! What a great surprise!
    Love the photos of them "discussing professional issues" :-) I have a feeling that your mom may go back there in the future not for her work, but for fun!

  5. Those kitties look like they were working really hard. ;)