Thursday, July 27, 2017

Finally Friday

We made it!! Best wishes - or fishes - or both - for a fine weekend for us all.

A few random things:

1. We never told mom what was so fascinating in our Wednesday picture. We like to stay mysterious. It's a Cat Thing.

2. Speaking of mysterious... Mom cannot understand why, when we have two plates of food, exactly the same, we insist on eating out of the same dish at the same time. Remarkably, no smacky paws or rude remarks of any kind, just down to business.

3. Or, when we have three litterboxes, two of them side by side, we almost always both use the same box. She'll come home and there are multiple outputs. In the same box. With the other two in pristine shape.

And finally, I leave you with this passing thought:

It's not always a good idea to insist on waking mom up in the wee hours.
Repeatedly. Some of the things she says.... !!!

- Toby

- - but not Leia, because she's a girl and girls are smarter than that!


  1. We're like that with the litter box. But we never eat out of the same dish together.

  2. You guys are differnt than us. We 3 have 4 litterboxes and use them equally, eat from our own bowls (though if one of us is unusually hungry a nose might be oushed into another). And we never hesitate to bother TBT at night, but not for food. THATs hopeless - he just WONT get up. So we bother TBT ta get unner the covers and snuggle.

  3. Funny enough, all us girls here don't bother the humans at night. Well, Binga used to try to get my human's boyfriend up early by digging into the box springs with her claws. She only did it to him because my human would sleep through it.

  4. We like reading about random things we had no idea about. Thanks for sharing them! Cool thing about your litter boxes!

  5. Oooh so it stays mystery. That's definitely a Cat Thing! It's so cute that you like to eat from the same dish at the same time! When it happens here, usually one cat is pushing out the other :-)

  6. MOLMOL I have a #1 box and a #2 box... if you get my drift. MOL
    Oh yes indeed I hear you about waking up a sleeping mom! My kitty ears are too delicate for the words that are heard
    Hugs madi your bfff

  7. It's NOT a good idea? Really. Wow. What an educational post this turned out to be!
    Oh, and even though we have 2 water bowls, side by side, we only drink out of the one on the left - unless Mom takes away the one on the right -- then we stare at her and refuse to drink from the one on the left.
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher
    Honorary Kit-Cat

  8. When my Momma uses those "words," I take out my pen and paper and write them down! They come in handy when she's trying to brush my teeth or clip my claws ... and then SHE BLUSHES hearing them come back at her! ~Bear Cat
    ps - Back when it was me and Kitty - I used whichever litter box she used. My Momma kept trying to switch them around - but no matter what - I ALWAYS used the one in HER room.

  9. Eric and Flynn always ate out of the same bowl and wouldn't touch the second one until the first was empty. Have a good weekend.

  10. hay ewe guyz !!! yur fry day fotoz total lee awesum N speekin of; sew iz de snax at de top oh this post ;) when sauce waz heer with me N cuzin boomer with daiz; we did de same thing as far az de box goez...knot sew much tho on foodz ~~~~~ happee week oh end guys ~ ♥♥♥

  11. We've been known to do that with catboxes. That's why our mom gave up on the multiples and we only have the one giant one. We've never done that with food though.

  12. You two eat out of the same dish? Without smacky paws? Very impressive! :)

  13. We love to eat the other's food. It tastes so much better!

    Toby, Pierrot will take your advice under consideration but makes no promises.

  14. You two are funny. Does she say HBO words when you wake her up during the night?