Sunday, November 26, 2017

Monday This n Thats

Leia This:

Mom saw me honing my hunting skills with this scrunchie of hers, and OF COURSE got all ooohh and awww about it. Really, I was just keeping it in line; scrunchies are known for serious 'tude.

Toby Thats:

I've spent most of this four day weekend just trying to get in a good nap.
With TWO females here all day and night, it's just been impossible. Plus, do you realize our mom is so obsessed with our... ahem... output schedule that she will deliberately wake us up after a paltry 8 hours to try to remind us it's time to go?? 

Crazy woman.

Have a great week, furriends.


  1. Scrunchies? WoW! THose look like fun...And Toby, what is it about Mom's and elimination...? That is something I'd really like to get a handle in...

    1. Good luck with yours. Just because we've both had issues in the past...

  2. Good hunting Leia, Brody is proud of you :)

  3. Kitties, I can feel your pain, since I watch 'output' carefully too!

  4. Oh yes, the lady likes to hover around the litter box to see our output. It's just wrong. However, when she tells us to go, we don't. We go on our own schedule.

    Leia, good for you on keeping that sassy scrunchie in line!

  5. She wakes you up so you can go?? What's up with that?? You'll go when you gotta go!

  6. What, your human keeps you on an output SCHEDULE? I mean, mine always wants me to go before we leave the house for a therapy visit or a trip, but the rest of the time I only go when I feel like it!

  7. Leia, you are just the cutest little girl! We have no schedule here, but our mom accompanies Caroline to the box after food and before treats (Caroline's reward). She does this because a.) Ivan is a catbox tease and b.) Caroline's an Elder Cat (if you catch our drift).

  8. Good job, Leia, to keep that scrunchie in line! Toby, I can't blame your mom for obsessive output scheduling. Humans do that hahaha :-)

  9. Toby and Leia
    I'm purrty sure the word Mom translates into obsessive in some language.
    You both look quite adorable today
    Hugs madi your bfff

  10. While I never woke Flynn up for an output schedule, I have to admit that I was always on the lookout to watch when he did go.

  11. MY guys use the litter boxes so much I never have to remind them!! I only wonder how they can create so much output!!

  12. guyz...N sew like...who winned de stare down { final foto !! } ☺☺♥♥

  13. So Leia is the great huntress?!? I bet it's super fun on the hard wood floor. There was a period of time my Momma checked me every hour to make sure I was breathing. #getalife ~Bear Cat

  14. Ya gotta watch out for those scrunchies! Signed, Lucy