Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tuesday Two-Fur

As you can see, we are sleeping peacefully. Mom wanted to talk about something, so we are handing today's post over to her.

Mom's note:

In my life I've been bitten in the face three times by dogs. When I was about 4, my grandmother's cocker spaniel. About 10, a neighbor's adult male Boxer, Frodac, nipped me right at the bridge of my nose, breaking the skin. He just barely grazed me, a warning any adult dog would give a puppy. It has always amazed me, the restraint he showed that day. And lastly, working at a vet, a terrier mix named Casey, who turned around and bit the tar out of my upper lip when his owner walked back into the treatment area. I still have the scar. But I've never feared dogs, though Frodac definitely taught me to show a bit more respect! Truly, he was a sweetheart, and we remained good furriends. I still have a tiny scar from that too, but will always remember him with affection. 

Over this past weekend, a co worker's granddaughter, about 8, was bitten by their dog. I saw the picture - he got her face when she tried to pet him. A huge bite radius over both cheeks, nose and chin. Severe enough that she required cosmetic surgery. She's doing well, and is more concerned with how her parents are taking it.

I don't know the dog's fate, but I doubt it's good. He wasn't truly a family dog; they live in the country and wanted a dog that would bark. They got that, but clearly they didn't have much idea of his temperament. I suspect he must have had a hard life. Quite possibly mistreated by previous children; this seems fear-based to me. My heart goes out to both child and dog.


  1. You 2 are so sweet...
    Gosh we are so very very sorry about the little girl's terrible bite. This is going to be a huge physical, mental and emotional healing time. As you said no one knows what the dog endured.
    I am so sorry for everyone involved. The decision about the dog's fate might be decided by authorities. Hugs and prayers to all
    Madi and mom

  2. Toby and Leila are the picture of contentment.

    That is so sad about both the young girl and the dog. It must have been terribly scary for her. I’m sure you’re right about the dog being scared and most likely mistreated. It’s just so sad.

  3. I feel very sad for both the dog and the girl..
    When I was small, I was chased and bitten by a dog. I still love dogs, though.

  4. I have only a handful of memories from before age 4, which is when we moved into the home that I stayed in until I was past 30. In that old house, the neighbor's dog chased me around my house, and I was what, 2-1/2 or 3 years old. I thought I was afraid of dogs from that, but as an adult, I just needed to pet a few dogs to realize they were okay! I am very sorry about that child and the dog.

  5. What a tough choice for the parents. I believe there aren't inherently bad dogs - but the cruelty and neglect (including neglecting to properly train) of humanity hurts dogs just as much as it hurts children. We love the picture of Toby and Leia :)

  6. How sad about that child, and the dog. So many people don't realize what goes into having a dog that makes both a good family member and a protector. It's important that anyone who wants to adopt a pet do their research ahead of time so they 1) know what to look for, and 2) what to do to help their pet be the best they can be, whether it is training on their own, or actually taking classes.

    For the record, my human likes dogs okay, as long as they're somebody else's! But she usually doesn't get too near them - too slobbery for her. I actually like dogs more than she does.

  7. sadly; this is a no win for anyone; our prayers go out to mom and dad and the little girl; we hope this does not put a fear of all dogs into her for the rest of her life. we are also sorry the pup felt the need to lash out and hope for the best for him as well ~~~~~ ♥♥

  8. Oh dear. It will not look good for the dog. It's too bad when people get dogs for a "purpose" and don't consider the temperament and how they will react with children. My niece-in-law has a bulldog that has "issues" because he was bought for the wrong reason. They have to be extra vigilant when children are around.
    Love Barb

  9. That is sad for the child and I hope she makes a good recovery.

  10. Poor girl. We suspect the owners are quite upset too.

  11. Very sweet photo. That is so sad. It is up to parents to teach their kids to be safe near animals and to protect them until they truly understand how to do that. I worry about my niece's Jack Russell, she snaps easily and I hope her 2 yr. old doesn't get hurt.

  12. I am so sorry for the child. My three sons were each one bitten by dogs on their paper rites and one chow lunged at a son while he was walking down the sidewalk to deliver their paper. The chow broke the glass of the storm door trying to get my son. And it's always Oh, he never bites.

  13. TBT here. I do not love dogs. My brother was attacked by a loose wiemerana, my mother was attacked by a loose boxer while carrying groceries. When I was a toddler, my uncle's irish wolfhound growled at me like I was dinner.

    When I used to jog around the apartment complex, some kids ordered their dog to "sic me" and I had to kick it hard twice to get it away.

    I adopted my sister's cat because it was too difficult for them to control. It had been attacked by a dog as a kitten. It sufferred 4 bite wounds on its back and was forever in pain when stroked wrong. I learned how to skip over the wounds and she was a great cat to me. But a dog caused that.

    One time, some strangers came by holding a dog by the collar asking if I knew who it belonged to. When they saw my cat the guy said "sic it". Its a good thing my cat had a tree to climb. I ran back to punch that ass*ole in the face, but they were running away and I needed to help my cat. I never saw that dog again.

    When I moved to this house, the newer neighbors had loose large dogs. I have had to face down a few. I carried a baseball bat when I mowed the front lawn and needed it twice.

    I had to build a 400' 6' high fence around the backyard to protect me and my cats. It has worked wonderfully.

    But don't tell ME that your dog is friendly. It may be friendly to YOU, but they're not to others.

  14. Oh my goodness that is a sad and very scary story :(
    Sorry to hear about that...
    I guess I understand now why mum is so strict on me when I'm around other people and especially children..
    Lots of licks, your new friend Morrie :)

  15. We love you, Toby and Leia. You both look so comfy. :)

    We feel bad for both your co-worker's daughter and the dog. We hope they will both be okay.